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Clenbuterol if often called Clen and is popular among athletes and athletes because of the potential it has to stimulate the beta-2 receptors. These receptors are importance in maintaining a steady process of fat loss as the body is directed towards burning more fat. Clen was initially used many decades ago for veterinary applications especially in cattle in order to increase the yield. Back in those days, it was viewed as very effective for this purpose. The problem that made it fall out of favor with vets especially in the United States is that it continued to command a strong presence in the body for a long time and so were its effects. This makes doctors to avoid prescribing it although it is effective for asthma medication. In the USA, it is not used at all by asthmatic.

Albuterol is closely related to Clen. It is also meant to reduce fat and athletes take ti specifically for this purpose. In more specific terms, Clen is used repartition the metabolic activities of the body. In this case, it serves to lead to an upward movement in the ratio of Fat Mass to Free Fat Mass. If you happen to use Clen, you will find out that your temperature will have gone up a bit in addition to a slight loss in appetite.

There is scarcity of information on Clen because most of the medical authorities have shunned its use for corrective therapy for its patients. The research in this area has become very difficult. Although animal studies provide some insight, they cannot be fully compared to the humans in the bodily operations. In the athletics realm this substance has gone through many years of controversy and use.

Here is a list of most popular Clen brands:

Clenbuterol has qualities which are opposite those of catabolic and anabolic substances and this has been attested in many studies involving animals. It remains to be seen the qualities present in humans. When administered in animals, Clenbuterol can’t be expected to yield results comparable to those of humans because it is administered in large doses which no human being has been imagined to be using. When horses are given small doses of Clenbuterol, and then exercised in a way comparable to that of human beings, there are signs of significant reduction in the amount of fat. After the sixth week, the amount of fat started increasing. This shows long-term effects which are normally contrary to the expectations of the users. This makes it difficult for one to believe the stories floating around in praise of Clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol appears not to function for most of the population. It brings down the proper functioning of the cardiac and the central nervous system. The outward sign is in the form of stopping the fat-burning process. Anti-histamines are the most common antidotes of Clenbuterol. The effect of these antidotes is evident in drowsiness which makes them look appropriate only immediately before bedtime. Clen is not good for your heart. The beta-2 receptors of animals are twice those of human beings and this makes them only preferred only in small doses. In large doses, they lead to the enlargement of the ventricles.

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