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Drawing Females Towards The Anabolic Steroid Way

Over the last fifty years, there has been a surge in the number of females using steroids, which has been culminated by the changing needs of the society that most women must now grapple with. These types of society expectations that throw women towards the line of steroids include cases of muscle dysmorphia, a serious social disorder which makes a woman to be seriously obsessed with ideas that she needs more muscles, of which she lacks. In this disorder, a female is delusively poignant that she is either too small or very fat, while most of the time she is well above the average proportion in muscle size. This condition is also called bigorexia and better still as nervosa reverse anorexia, where it appears as a specific type of disorder within the strata of body dysmorphia.

In essence, muscle dysmorphia has not been seen as a clear obsession with bodybuilding and working out instances. For one to under a comprehensive diagnosis of muscle dysmorphia, the individual must show symptoms that are of the nature of mental disorder, and not only the vast interest of just physical engagement within the confines of fitness issues which most people consider as excessive.

Serious cases of muscle dysmorphia can be obtrusive in cases of constant examination on the mirror by a woman, becoming so distressed once they have missed any session in the gym or even missing a single part of the six meals within a given day. In addition, dysmorphia can be ascertained after a woman has become distressed again if she fails to receive the necessary proteins in a day, within their diet. This disorder can also be ascertained to be at a lethal level if it has led to a woman resorting to anabolic steroids that come in dangerous levels of gross destruction, and also if one has been compelled to neglect jobs, family, relationships due to excessive exercising. Also, it includes delusions culminated by feeling underweight or even below average in terms of muscles, as well as any other reason that is enough to make one fall within the limelight of muscle dysmorphia.

Women have been led to believe steroids to be their only way out of the social quagmire, since they see the tremendous benefits that men garner over time, from professional bodybuilders, athletics to the local executive who has never bulged inside a gym. From fears of being attacked or being seen unfit, women abuse steroids to have sexy leaner bodies and muscular expediency, to be able to handle any social issue.

It is not right for women to just engage in drugs as the effects could lead one to lie within the sublimes of the shadow of death, have those irreversible side effects that spell doom to the life of a woman for the rest of her life. Even those effects that are partially permanent have the tendency of getting out of hand and putting one within the worst of all scenarios. Such is the fate of any woman who makes a rushy and ill decision to go the way of the steroids.

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