A History Lesson About Testosterone

Are you new to the world of anabolic steroids and the use of testosterone to improve the lives of men? Or are steroids old hat to you? Whichever category you fall under, you should check out the facts below to learn a bit more about testosterone!


Testosterone transplants were first discovered in the 1800s, when researchers transplanted the testes of a male rooster into a female hen. They observed as the hen developed male rooster-like features, and then died! In the 1930s, Hitler himself used testosterone (by admission of his own physician) and used this rage to fuel his conquest of the world, which included mass experimentation of testosterone use upon prisoners of war. American athletes discovered its advantages when German researchers were invited to bring their brain power to America to avoid war trials, and the Soviets soon used it because, well, we were. After the 1968 Olympics, the Olympic Committee instituted drug testing.

The Split

Once the Olympic Committee declared drug use was to be forbidden in the Games, a split occurred. There were two sides one comprised of doctors and researchers determined to continue steroid development in the name of medicine. Bodily deterioration from cancer and other muscle-wasting diseases could be stalled or even prevented through the use of steroids. These doctors weren’t worried about finding ways to win at games of sports they were concerned with improving quality of life. On the other side, the Olympic ban on steroids sent many researchers to the dark side. They found out what drugs were being tested, and they created new drugs with varying chemical signatures, which were undetectable. As these drugs were identified and tested, these researchers created new drugs. An entire black market was formed not just for Olympia athletes but for bodybuilders and sports of all levels. It wasn’t long before these two fields began to overlap, as it became obvious to the legitimate pharmaceutical firms that there was a great deal of money to be made creating growth hormone and the other steroids that are popular with many Americans today.


Millions of men and women many of them white-collar professionals, many of them struggling to make rent use testosterone each year with the exact same goal in mind. Thousands of athletes from the junior varsity high school team, to professional sports level use steroids with the same goal in mind. Tens of thousands of Americans who have never touched a weight get legit steroids online in USA with the same goal in mind. Their common goal, of course, is to look and feel better. In other words, to live a higher quality of life. And steroids do provide this for many of them.

The split that occurred in 1968 has come full circle. The two sides the legitimate medical community and the much further advanced underground research committee are meeting at the same spot today. The positive side effects of steroids are undeniable. Federal law banned most of these substances twenty years ago when extensive studies hadn’t been done. Today, armed with the realization that steroids are certainly more helpful than harmful, the two sides are working to find a harmony.

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