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People on Steroids – Who Are They?

When you think about people on steroids, you probably think about the great muscle mass monsters that grace the covers of muscle magazines and bodybuilding stages. You’d probably be shocked if you knew the people on steroids around you,  let’s take a look.

Relatives & Co-workers

People at your job, people in your family, and people at the grocery store, that you interact with on a daily basis, may be using artificial testosterone injections to make them stronger and healthier. This is a mild dose of steroids, but the same synthetic T that you’d be injecting should you run a bodybuilding cycle of anabolic steroids. Physicians routinely prescribe steroids or testosterone to help people feel stronger and live healthier. There is a stigma of cheater and criminal that often goes with it when a man wants to add some size to his body through healthy living, eating and training with steroids – but when a doctor assigns it, suddenly it’s acceptable and honorable.


Think of any actor who went from skinny and bony in one movie role, to ripped and buffed in his next acting role. It happens all the time in Hollywood. Granted, these actors do have the added benefit of a personal trainer and 24/7 chef to prepare them high-protein, low fat meals when needed. However, many actors do admit (at later dates) that they did use anabolic steroids in preparation for a movie role. Actors will routinely lose or gain weight for roles and undergo great physical changes in order to really nail a role, and many of them actually take pride in the fact they were willing to go from untrained to buff in 6 weeks for a movie role.

Professional athletes

Many of the people you see on television making leaping touchdown grabs or running a 100 meter dash in record time do use anabolic steroids for recovery, speed, and power. They don’t consume enough food to put them at 240 pounds of muscle like top bodybuilders, and they burn way too many calories during the course of their daily training. But it’s a reality that many of your sports heroes growing up, and today, use steroids to play at the level they do, and to recover from play and heal fast enough to do it again every week.

Sick people

Steroids play a key role in helping people facing life-threatening wasting illnesses such as AIDS and cancer. You don’t think sick people when you think of people on steroids, but steroids of all kinds are very routinely given to people staving off great weight loss due to disease. This is actually how many steroids reach the open market- those using them for illness tend to sell off some of them to pay bills. A sad state of affairs, no doubt about it.

The next time you think of people on steroids, don’t stop at the muscle men on magazine covers. Many people on television and in your everyday life use them as well, with results that speak for themselves. Maybe you should consider them for your own personal advancement and achievement, no?

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