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A Look At The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Nandrolone Cypionate

If you’re a bodybuilder, chances are pretty good you’re already well aware of the wonderful benefits of Deca-durabolin. It’s been around for a half a century, fueling the early workouts of Bill Pearl and Arnold, all the way up to today’s champions. Deca works, plain and simple. It makes you bigger, stronger, and increases vascularity at the same time. However, Deca has it’s drawbacks too. It’s not a fast-acting drug. It’s a long ester, released slowly into the body. The effects do last longer, but they can take weeks to begin working. Bodybuilders, being the impatient people that we are, tend to dislike this. For this reason, many bodybuilders need to stack Deca with a faster acting compound (including more dangerous oral compounds) to jumpstart muscle growth in the body. This can be a bit of an annoyance to bodybuilders why suddenly be forced to run a second compound (and a third, if you want to add testosterone to avoid the flaccid penis syndrome which often follows Deca use).

For these bodybuilders, there is a new compound known as Nandrolone Cypionate which may just be the answer. Nandrolone Cypionate is marketed on a mainstream bases as Anabolic DN. It’s an ester of Nandrolone which is very similar to Deca steroids, with the exception being a modification which allows for greater potency and faster activation in the body.

What are the benefits of a compound being faster-acting? Aside from the obvious fact that bodybuilders are impatient people, and this speeds up results, it does limit the length of required cycling. Most of the time, a Deca cycle will need a length of 16 weeks in order to provide maximum effectiveness. Using Nandrolone Cypionate, a bodybuilder can see the same results in 8 to 10 weeks. This means the body isn’t subjected to the same level of toxicity for as long, which can be very good for not only your muscle receptor recovery, but your general health as well. This compound is also more ideal for bodybuilders competing in tested federations, as it means the detection times are much less.

Females can benefit from the use of Nandrolone Cypionate in the same manner. Women often see side effects of virilization, hair growth, acne, and an irreversible deepening of the voice, when they use Deca for a standard 16-week cycle. The use of Nandrolone Cypionate allows them to run a cycle for half as long, as see roughly the same results. They are then free to cycle off and halt any side effects, while still enjoying the muscle gains.

Users of Nandrolone Cypionate will want to keep their cycles in the same range as they peruse with Deca. A cycle of 400 to 600 mg per week is advisable. If stacking with testosterone, you definitely don’t need to go any higher, particularly if you’re cruising with 800 mg to a full gram per week of testosterone, and any kind of orals. Nandrolone Cypionate is very effective, and you don’t need to overdo it on the dosing size in order to see results. Many bodybuilders take too much of a compound, and soon discover they’re seeing more side effects than gains once they cross the 600 mg threshold. Don’t fall into this trap use Nandrolone Cypionate and all steroids responsibly.

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