anabolic steroids

Steroid is a human made replacement for testosterone. The human body produces its own testosterone that it requires at the level it desires. When you decide to feed your body hormone in excess rather than letting it supply its required amount. It goes confused and does other things with it and unfortunately the thing your body does with the excess steroid you feed it is harmful to your entire body. Your body is a kind of computerized equipment programmed to function with a set of rules and it will not operate or function to its maximum, if a new rules are given it. This is the reason of diseases, when the body gets a situation be it in the form of food, drugs, weather, and actions.

Whatever your body is given that does not suit its makeup it reacts to the foreign action or substance by signaling you with a set of signs you interpret as disease all the medical scientist and doctors do is to group this signals and name them to differentiate them and correct the errors in that grouping system.

When you see your body as having its own rules you will respect its desires because if you don’t your entire life is affected, your career, family, social life and even your everyday living.

Now if you choose to take steroids to boost your muscular system and boost your looks, have you thought about what your body wants? Does your body want that extra dose of male hormones? Are you giving it the right drug for its general upkeep?

If your answer here is, I don’t know or I don’t care. Then you have just succeeded in registering also for some set of diseases. The bad thing about steroid usage is that unlike other drugs the side effects of steroids are mostly permanent. You can abuse some drugs and get diarrhea whenever you do, for others the abuse leads to headache or some few days of nausea feeling. the side effects of steroids goes farther than that and this is why you must consider them before taking another pill or injection of that drug.

Let’s start with the side effects of steroids in men. In men steroid is taken to look macho and sexy, it does not do only that but also comes with gynecomastia (an enlargement of a man’s breast due to hormonal imbalance or hormone therapy). Gynecomastia is treated by surgery due to the possibility of tumor formation if not surgically removed. Another very common side effect of steroid in men is atrophy of the testicles (the testicles are reduced and become very small). This is testosterone in excess, because one basic function of testosterone is growth of the male reproduction organ but when in excess it rather causes a reduction of the testicles and this of course will lead to low sperm count and even impotence.

Side effects of steroids in women has a different turn, in women steroids when in excess rather makes them have a look like that of a man with the features of a man; deepened voice, lean muscle, facial hairs, increased body hair, and disturbances in their reproductive system such as dysmenorrhea, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer.

Steroids in women give worse negative outcome than in men. This is probably a function of the natural low level of steroids the female body has and therefore can sustain. Though it is true that testosterone is a male hormone it doesn’t leave them without their own share of side effects.

The side effects of steroids has some changes in the body that affects both the male and female users and these are, baldness, acne, cardiovascular diseases; this include atherosclerosis, heart attacks and stroke, liver disease, kidney dysfunction and neurological problems which are; mood swings, aggression, depression, anger outburst, even psychosis. All of these and more are the reactions of your body to your excess intake of steroids.

Steroids is not harmful to your body, but becomes harmful when you take it for the wrong reasons, steroids is not a vitamin supplement or an energy drink. It does you more harm than good when you take it for such reasons. Steroids cannot take the place of exercise, good rest or nutrition. Allow the doctor’s do their job by prescribing the drug to the persons in need of it and the beauty of steroids will be seen and appreciated. Give your body the respect it requires.

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