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What Are The Strongest Steroids On The Market?

Question:  What are the strongest steroids on the market today?

Answer: Well, the most powerful steroids today are often not the most ideal. Then again, some are. We can classify, again, based on our opinion, but someone out there is going to say, “Oh no way man! You have it all wrong!” Since we hate being wrong, that’s going to suck. But, since we do this for a living, we probably aren’t wrong, so there you have it. Confused yet? We are. But here goes – The most powerful/ strongest steroids, in our opinion and in no particular order, are these:

Anadrol would have to be our pick for the absolute strongest, followed by Halotestin, Tren and Test. D-Bol could make this list in 5th place. When you ask “What is the strongest?” We see all factors. We consider how effective and powerful it is at packing on mass, side effects, and everything in between. Given that, we’d also add EQ onto the list, because it has so few sides for the amount of gain it gives you. Tren and EQ together is great, whereas Anadrol is toxic no matter what it partners with. It does give you tremendous strength gains, but it also gives you a splitting headache and dangerously high blood pressure. D-bol gives you high blood pressure, but amazing gains. Nothing is perfect, but these are certainly a good start. Realistically, Tren, Test, EQ and D-bol are more user friendly than Anadrol and Halotestin, so you’ll use these more often. And really, that should be a part of the criteria as well how often you can use them! Remember, Tren is great for short strength cycles, Test does better in an 8-10 week cycle. EQ and D-bol can run either off season or pre-contest. It all depends on what you need, who you are and what YOU prefer!

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