A Look At IGF-1 And It’s Dominant Presence In Professional Bodybuilding

IGF-1 is a protein hormone which works in conjunction with insulin and growth hormone. It is produced by the liver and causes muscle growth by attaching itself to muscle cell receptors in the body. IGF is starting to become more and more commonly accepted for use with patients suffering from diabetes and some wasting diseases. Let’s learn more about IGF-1 basics.

If you do receive prescription IGF, your IGF should arrive frozen. Once it is thawed, it must be used within 21 days or it loses effectiveness. If you buy IGF online, then it should be mixed in with either “acid water”, or bacteriostartic water. Acid water is preferable and keeps more of the IGF potency. Shake well in a container without ridged edges to ensure the IGF powder doesn’t become trapped. One milligram of IGF powder should be mixed with 3 ml of acid water. Your now-mixed IGF compound should be separated into three separate syringes. One will be injected now, and the other two will be frozen for later use. Effective dosing will be 10 to 20 micrograms per day. More is not better, when it comes to IGF use. Once bodybuilders get greedy and bump up the usage to 50 mg per day, the receptors in the body become nonresponsive.

IGF-1 is currently heavily in use by professional and top amateur bodybuilders. Stacked with growth hormone and insulin, IGF contributes to muscle growth in the body like no other compounds have ever delivered before. There is a good reason that bodybuilders today are nearing 280 pounds in contest condition, and that reason is this to buy legal Growth hormone online/Insulin/IGF trifecta.

The long term results of these compounds have been debated. Critics believe that use of these substances can cause untold permanent damage to the many organs and systems of the body. They attach themselves to literally every cell in the body. An unmeasurable amount of growth occurs in all systems of the body. This is great for bodybuilders seeking to grow their muscles. However, other systems grow as well. The bones of the hands, feet, chin, and forehead grow. Internal organs grow. Diseases which may otherwise remain dormant experience artificial growth.

Supporters of Gh/Insulin/IGF use point to the lack of any empirical evidence which supports these claims. Since there are no clinical studies to back up their beliefs, they have minimal support. After all, it isn’t many professional bodybuilders that are ready to sit on a table at a university and allow students to examine them for side effects of their illicit drug use. So, for now, the jury is still out on the dangers of using Gh/Insulin/IGF for bodybuilding gains.

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