steroid stacks

Steroid Stacks

When athletes and bodybuilders use steroids, they do what they can to get the maximum results with the least possible side effects. One of the methods used to reach this goal is called steroid stacks. Steroid stacks are related to steroid cycles in that the steroid stacks or combinations are taken for cycles of a set number of weeks to make up a regimen.

Steroid cycles define the dosage and duration of the steroids used within a regimen. The steroid stacks carefully match different steroids together to get the maximum results. This is because some steroids give different benefits than other steroids at certain dosages. Simply upping the dosage of one particular steroid instead of using steroid stacks to get the maximum benefits also increases the likelihood of having negative side effects.

There are some steroids that are often put together in steroid stacks because they work particularly well together. Here are some examples: Nandrolone Decanoate and Testosterone; Nandrolone Decanoate, Testosterone and Methandienone; Boldenone and Testosterone; Trenbolone and Testosterone; and Stanozolol and Testosterone or Trenbolone.

Steroid stacks are taken in cycles that usually last fro 2 – 12 weeks. Then the user takes a break from the steroid stacks to give the body time to readjust. This also supposedly lessens the likelihood of experiencing negative side effects or at least permanent side effects. The time off of the steroid stacks, the off-cycle period, gives the body time to recover its natural hormone levels as well as recover from the vigorous training while on the cycle.

Another reason why people are on steroid stacks is because if they use just one steroid over and over the body can become resistant to it and it will become less effective. Steroid stacks keep the body from getting too used to one particular formula.

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