roidsmall reviews Reviews is your one stop shop for every type of brand possible within the steroid industry. With their easy to navigate website, they offer an A-Z list of products to be easily found by you on your search. They have some of the top brands such as:

Because they are imported steroids, you get the best price possible for these anabolics as well as top quality. They are named a trustful wholesaler in the USA and can be purchased internationally from this retailer as well.

The best part about is the fact that there is no minimum order, so you can receive a wholesale price with the amount of 10 vials/sachets YOU want. This website is all about control and YOU being in it.

RoidsMall guarantee’s fast delivery as well as secure online shopping, which means your payment, and personal information is safe with this website and won’t be given to anyone, as it will be kept confidential. They offer International delivery and also Domestic Steroids Delivery in USA.

RoidsMall has hundreds of brands to choose from for optimal convenience. Customer Reviews

Many customers speak highly of the processing as it has been quick, painless and orders are shipped correctly. As well as easy ordering, their prices are fantastic for the many high quality brands they offer.

There are also customers who speak of the secure transaction, making them a safe and trustworthy retailer for steroids. Wholesale prices are amazing for products that can get pricey like this, making you able to save thousands of dollars a year.

Being in business for the past 13 years, they have become one of the most trusted wholesale priced steroid retailers on the web.

When customer service representatives have been contacted, customers have only had pleasant experiences as the reps have had simple, easy and quick resolutions for their issues they have had.

Customers also talk about the quality of the product as they come unbroken, perfect and high quality. This is something that’s important. They do have steroids for sale, the highest quality product for the amazing wholesale price, which you don’t have to buy in bulk.

These real reviews come from customers who have been in bodybuilding for decades.

Overall Rating

The overall rating for this online steroid retailer would be a solid 5 out of 5. This is because their customer service representatives are impeccable with their timely responses and resolutions as well as their prices being hard to believe. Because they are imported, their prices are fantastic.

Their website is very easy to navigate around and is very well organized as they have all brands organized alphabetically. Their secure and simple transaction process helps customers assure themselves that their information is safe.

It is very much worth being a client of theirs as they are very organized and inexpensive with no complaints on their quality product.

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  1. As usual, I ordered from my only trusted source, RoidsMall, and once again it did not disappoint. I have ordered twice since December, eight bottles between the two orders and both times I got the orders with in 7 days from them receiving my payment. When I switched over to roidsmall a little over a year and a half ago I was very skeptical, as anyone would be when switching sources. But after my original souce got banned for scamming people, I needed someone new in a pinch. I reached out to roidsmall and after they sent me my first order, I was hooked on kalpa products. Kalpa’s oils pin well with no pip, are dosed properly, and have helped me reach the goals I have set for myself.

    Packaged in a smart way, sent quickly, arrives within 7-10 days of them receiving your money.

    As close to pharmacy grade as I’ve found over the last 12 years. Ran numerous cycles with Kalpa products, always stacks ran anywhere from 10-16 weeks

    If youre looking for a new source or your source is out of a product you need in a pinch, give roidsmall a try.

  2. Takin 5 days so far to say order commitment they got money 5 days ago still not sure but they took money 1 day i sent mike anderson. Florida

  3. This was my first order with and it couldn’t of gone smoother. Professional start to finish

    Communication was on point. Emails answered within 24 hours regarding payment protocol, options etc. very impressed with their customer service.

    Packaging discreet, well padded and no broken products.

    2 x Aquatest (Testosterone suspension) 100mg/ml.

    It had been a long time since I’d used a suspension and I was very impressed with the quality. You never get used to that unestered smell, but everything else was fine with it. Heated the amp a little and it drew no problem. I was pinning 50-75mg once a day in the morning an hour before my workout. My primary goal was to run it for 3-4 weeks to break through a plateau I’d hit and in that respect it worked very well. As you would expect almost instant strength increases, muscular endurance went up noticeabley. Apart from the pinning of this plus my other compounds I was enjoying it immensely. In 3 weeks I made 10-20 pounds on my deadlift. A little less on my squat and my bench remained the same but in all accessorie lifts my strength went through the roof. Ps. I train primarily for the DL so having that go up was the goal. I had no adverse sides from it aggression all kept in the gym. I retained a bit more fat than I would’ve liked but that’s back off. No gyro, acne etc but I was running standard protocol along with it just incase.

    I know Suspension isn’t used a lot anymore for whatever reason, maybe people can’t handle the pip (which was barely anything) or the frequent injections. But I found both the compound great and working with roidsmall seamless. I’ll definitely be back.

  4. This is a review for several products i purchased from

    Communication and support was perfect at his end. I did not have to wait very long for receiving answers.

    The package was discreet. It arrived in a week time.

    I was on generic GH before i decided to buy quality stuff. Generic was no way near Genotropin in terms of quality and results. I satrted with 2 ius and went on for about 2 months. Then i increased the dose to 3 ius a day. The results were fantastic. My skin is soft clear and pleasing. Hair and nails growing fast. Sleeping like a baby. I try to stay away from junk and cheat meals but even if i do, staying lean and not affecting the body fat. There is some sort of beauty in my physique which was never there. More rounded full but lean muscles.

    I kickstarted T.Prop @ 100mg eod and ran sustanon @ 750mg/week. I ran it for a total of 12 weeks mostly in quads and glutes. Libido was very high. Acne bursted out and aggression was there. Strength was up and I was able to train harder. There were no serious complications just some acne. Estrogen was under control and did not feel any water gyno or E2 related sides. The injections were totally free from PIP.

  5. Recieved 5 vials of test prop about 9 months ago. I’m 5 weeks into a heavy tren cycle and this prop even at only 150-200MG a week is keeping my sex drive alive and well. Very happy with the smoothness of the gear.eek.

  6. I caught the 25% promo in April but wasn’t able to try it out until recently. Sorry for the delay.

    Great, friendly communication. These guys are here to help.

    Overseas and promo order so I wasn’t expecting it to come as quick as it did. Figured it would take about a month but landed in under 2 weeks. Order was very small so I figured it would come in something very small, and it did. Was not expecting to be able to feel it through the packaging but it arrived safely. Didn’t have to sign.

    Winstrol seemed properly dosed. Stayed at 50mg ED pre workout. I have a problem with dry joints so I didn’t want to go any higher. Worked very well with NPP and helped with water retention. Definitely hardened muscle like it was supposed to.

    Overall, very happy with product. These guys are kickass. Looking to try some other products within the next year.

  7. I’m very pleased with the results of the DP brand Accutane I received from Roidsmall. Roidsmall is an international source with terrific customer service and faster T/A than most domestic sources.

    Communication was terrific, as good as it gets. I decided to add Anavar to my order just after placing it and they accommodated it no problem. Response time to my email was within the day and they communicate in a very professional and respectful manner.

    T/A was 5 mail days from funds being picked up. I ordered on a holiday weekend, funds confirmed collected with a delivery promised on Tuesday. I had tracking, so package was stateside on Thursday and delivered to my door on Saturday. Packaging was discrete and the best I’ve seen from several international orders I’ve placed.

    I’ve been taking 20 mg’s ED for 4 weeks of the Accutane. I had begun breaking out on my chest, shoulders and back after a few weeks on Tren and couldn’t resolve it via the normal methods. Since beginning the Accutane, all the problematic areas have cleared up almost completely and there is very little noticeable residual anywhere. I’ve heard about some of the potential bad side effects from Accutane, so I kept the dosage low and haven’t experienced any side effects that I’m aware of.

    I haven’t used the Anavar at this point, so I can’t comment on it.

    All in all, I’m very pleased with the level of customer service and quality products I received from Roidsmall. No question about it, I’ll be using this source again for these and some of the other pharma grade products they offer.

  8. from start to finish very fast proccess.

    double bubble wrapped and recieved next week after payment

    was legit kalpa product, smooth.. no pip.. could pin with a insulin needle if i wanted.

    kicked in around the 60 min mark.. as expected from tne.. full, grainy.. dick skin muscularity. minimalistic training.

  9. Roidsmall is the best, for sure. Great products, great communication, and fast shipping.

    Products arrived in a very short amount of time (2 or 3 weeks) and the packaging was very solid / discreet.

    Test E

    Pins very smoothly and I’ve had consistent gains since running this gear, which is something I had really been missing lately. Kalpa’s Test has me gaining again and that’s all I ask for.

    If you get the opportunity, give this source a chance.

  10. Fantastic service, fast delivery from Europe to the US. Never a problem. Been using for over a year.

    Great communication within 48 hours every time.

    Great packaging. Undetectable.

    Tren Ace 100

    Super Test 450

    Equipoise 200

    Test Prop 100

    Oxandrolone 10

    Dbol 10

    Everything is super legit. Tren makes you sweat and insomnia and aggression and occasionally cough – great vascularity and strength. 275 lbs for 15 reps on bench easily while on at 38 years old. Test P is legit. EQ is legit for increased awareness and cardio and good cut. Super Test 450 gained 10 lbs in 2 weeks, so an anti estrogen is required. Var is crazy at 50mg for pumps that almost hurt and good vascularity and muscle fullness. Dbol is the bomb / too much water retention for my body type and diet. Crazy strength

    These guys are super legit. Don’t believe the naysayers.

  11. This is my 4th or 5th order with roidsmall. Never any issues with ordering or shipping. I’m almost 8 months removed from an operation that could of ended my normal life. Luckily I had some great drs who kept me safe. I ordered in mid march and had order in a tad over two weeks was.

    Roidsmall was nice enough to toss in a freebie for making me wait so long. I’ve always had great gear from roidsmall and would wait months if need be. I have been using gear for 2 months. I started very slow and very light. Bench was around 100 115 for a while but within a month I was up to 185. Now two moths in I had a spot Monday and did 315 for 3… Not bad for a guy who 8 months ago didn’t know if He was going to survive the surgery.

    The first 2 weeks I took it slow to work myself back into it. Did half ml of sus and deca 3 times a week. Now I’m at 1.5 ml of each 3 times a week. I feel like a new man. Never felt stronger physically or mentally.

    If you want gear that with change your life shop here

  12. I just got my 8th order from roidsmall.these guys are awesome every single time.i buy the kalpa dbol and it is the strangest dbol I have will be jacked in 7 days.i had them tested awhile back.i think the dbol 10 s we’re 9.7 mg.i have only tried one other brand (from roidsmall) ,the SP dbol and all I can say is,it’s not dbol.if I had to guess,it was winstrol.i ripped me,gave me crazy joint pain.dbol doesn’t do that to me.anyhow,I had a couple slight delivery issues,but roidsmall always fixed things by throwing me a freebie ?.one time my order was shorted and the threw me an extra and got it to me in like 5 days .ROIDSMALL RULES !!!!!!!
    your loyal customer,

  13. Found this source through here, had some good reviews so gave them a try. Happy with them although found the product slightly cheaper elsewhere but other than that perfectly happy to use them again

    Communication was good and replies quick

    Packaging was discreet and contents protected

    SP Tropin hgh 100iu

    First time I’ve ever used gh so wasn’t sure what to expect, obviously gh benefits are more long term and I’ve only used the one kit of 100iu so far. Sides I’ve felt are pains in fingers and wrists and sleep has been a little better

  14. I have been running Test Enanthate 350 and Tren. Ace. along with Prop. from Kalpa at 100mg and Test E. for 18 days. Using this set up to cut down for the summer. I went from 185lbs to 175lbs. I’m more shredded then I have ever been and my strength is going up and aggression isn’t a factor. I’ve been feeling great in the gym getting awesome pumps. Getting that tren. taste and the cough rite after pinning it. Insomnia, and night sweets . Very happy with this source and products. Roidsmall was awesome. I’ll be changing things up and look forward to ordering.

  15. I was leery about using an online source for the first time but was forced to due to issues with my old supplier. My experience with couldn’t have been better. Questions were answered quickly, prices are great, the quality of the gear is fantastic, shipping was quick and there are several payment methods available. I went to this source out of necessity but returned for the service and quality. This will probably be my go to for many cycles to come.

    Very good support, emails answered within the day, often times within an hour. Many payment options available.

    Very fast shipping, two orders received within a week of ordering. Orders are packed securely and discreetly.

    Test e



    Test p



    Good quality gear. Minimal PIP. Dosing seems to be on the money. 12 weeks of deca and test with eq for a portion. Currently running 7lab proviron and test p and loving it. I made great gains off of this cycle in both quality mass and strength.

    Free gift with my first order.

  16. was really pleased that i tried this supplier, very helpful, was dieing to try some kalpa gear so went for the dbol (its either right or its rubbish with dbol)

    communication was spot on, customer service seemed first priority

    packaging was a jiffy, tightly wrapped, no rattles, delivered next week

    deca test is nice gear, joints are feeling better and pushing harder, 11/2 ml per wk

    kalpa’s dbol is strong, i was hoping it would be, seen lots of comments about it and i’m glad its not just hype, i’m 17 stone on 50mg and its plenty

    saving the test e

    i would really recommend this supplier

  17. What I can remember I think it was two weeks this was his international service so not bad

    Kalpa test e

    Kalpa dbol

    7Lab provi

    The product quality is top notch this is the best test I’ve gotten online I been using it for close to a month and I’m using 300mgs a week bc honestly I don’t think I need anymore than that all signs of good test is there oily skin energy espically in the gym I’m using 20mgs of the dbol a day and 25mg of the provi these products are great and do what there supposed to do

    I look forward to getting more kalpa test e

  18. I am a 66 year old male whom has always remained in excellent condition, old school bodybuilder, but age has caused me to now seek testosterone therapy. Will you ship to California and if so is package unidentifiable without detection of issues?

  19. Received Kalpa test e 250, and tren e 200 gear looks g2g. definitely one of the top sources. 5 stars in my book will get back and post about quality!

  20. Received some T3 from roidsmall from a promo.

    Good communication. All tickets were answered promptly. Easy ordering through their site.

    Package took 23 days to arrive. I didn’t stress over the T/A since it was a promo and I wasn’t out any money. Pretty much forgot about it until it arrived in the mail. Was packaged well and very discretely.

    I used the product for a month before my cycle to try and shed a little BF. Started out at 25mcg/day and slowly ramped it up to 100 mcg. I was definitely losing fat but I was also feeling a little flat at that high of a dose so I dropped it back down to 75 mcg/d and cruised at that dose for 2 weeks and then tapered off the final week. I could probably run it at the higher dose if I was on cycle and I think the fat loss gains would be even more substantial. I lost almost 5 pounds while using it and I didn’t change my diet or workout at all so I think that really shows it is legit and effective. I am sure I could have lost that weight by changing my diet and cardio but I didn’t want to change that so that I could accurately assess the potential of the T3

    I wouldn’t have any hesitations about odering from RoidsMall.

  21. This is a review for products I received about a month ago. Test Cyp., Proviron, T-bol.

    Communication was very quick and easy, always responded to my tickets very timely and answered all questions.

    Packing was nice and secure. T/A was as stated, about 7 business days.

    The test cyp is very smooth to draw up and inject, with no pip for me, it seems very potent as I am only taking a TRT dose and I could feel all the usual effects within 10 days.

    The Proviron also seems strong, I notice a definite libido boost.

    This is my first time using T-bol and I am liking the strength, no water retention, and muscle hardness that I am noticing.

    I have already ordered from him again, so that pretty much says it all.

  22. Very good experience with roidsmall. Shipping is fast. customer service is easy. Useful source

    Stanozolol: Strength, aggression and amazing power. Hair thinning, dry joints and fast metabolism

    Did 50mg ed

    All in all the products were beyond my expectations.

    Fantastic products from a fantastic service. Hugely impressed with customer service and shipping

  23. Very happy using this source. Chose Roidsmall after reading his reviews, liked what I read on his source discussion page. I am very happy with my decision. Good service, excellent communication, and quality product.

    Test C, Mast E, and blend of Mast P/Test P

    I have been impressed with the products. I have been on 200 mg TRT from doc for awhile now, and now a little over a month in on KP Test C + my prescription, my back acne damn near doubled, and my skin has become much more oily. Trying to combat both with appropriate cleansers, but not helping much yet. My gym workouts have been getting more involved and I feel better overall. Been hitting the cardio harder and my different weight machine reps are slowly going up in weight and maintaining rep counts. I have enjoyed the boost in energy. No PIP from product, smooth as my prescription.

    Good source to work with and hope to continue ordering from here. Prices are quite reasonable, good communication and turn around, and happy with products so far. My next order will be going again to Roidsmall.

  24. First time ordering with these guys and im sure to order here everytime for my gears. Shipping is really fast.

    Communication was excellent and they always get back to you as fast as they could.

    Packaging was good and sealed.

  25. Roidsmall is the man. I’ve bought from him exclusively for the past year and love having him as a source. The only negative thing that I have to say is that his prices are getting pretty high. Want a sure thing? Order from roidsmall.

    Roidsmall has always been a cool guy to deal with. I’ve ordered from him probably 10 times of the past year and have never had any issues. I had a few questions initially before I made my first order and he was cool as hell.

    Very discrete and packaged very tight.

    Sciroxx: tren ace, test e, test c, nandrodex 300

    Kalpa line: tren ace, test e

    Also have ordered his HCG and some winny

    I’ve been running his gear exclusively for the past year and it’s been 100% legit. Sciroxx has a good amount of PIP but his kalpa line is really smooth.

    His prices are getting pretty damn high now which has me considering looking for another source. I probably will stick with roidsmall though because he’s always came through. I’ll probably just wait until his next sale and stock up then.

  26. Roidsmall is by far the most Legit company out there. Communication and shipping are fast. Had an issue and was taken care of in a matter of minutes. Got DP Enantat 400mg/mL this stuff in unbelievable felt it right away 1ml every 5 days . Highly recommended

  27. A very decent international source. Without any hassle , quick process. Customer service was top notch

    Whenever i needed to ask something, i got replies same day. Great customer service

    2 weeks t/a. Quite decent for an international source.

    Package was packed discreetly and firmly. Nothing broken or damaged. Everything was at its best – Dianabol and Cut Long

    Both products are on fire. Amazing strength and intensity at workouts. Training harder and longer. Still got some Dianabol left but Cut Long vials have finished. The injections were pip free and smooth. put on decent amount of size before cut. Severe acne and oily skin. aggression was also there. Both products were powerful and strong. Dosed less than what i usually do and got great results. Dianabol was so strong that taking with an empty stomach led to head ache and stomach discomfort. Shoots my BP up if taken at higher doses.

    Quality products, Very powerful and strong, Cant beat the prices for such gear

  28. Fast communication. Easy to work with. Answered all of my questions.

    Took my gear about 8 days from when I first emailed them, weekend inclued. They are fast.

    Pinned 100mg of Max + TAce+Win EOD. 3cc EOD sounds like a lot, but it worked well. I get a little bit of the tren cough for a couple of times after I inject.

    The pin site was slightly painful for a couple of hours, but I think it is bc I put the whole 3ml in one shot.

    This tren (Max + Winny) is all smooth. Maybe it is the oil? I like
    the oil they use. I got hard and dry muscles from this cycle and my fat percentage dropped. it gave me very bad acne.

    Found Roidsmall one year ago I got nothing but love for this guy and his team.

    ‘this team know what they are talking about and they are here to help. I highly recommend these guys. 5/5 stars guys

  29. The whole process from odering to shipment is quick,easy. Up to date notifications through email.

    Shipping time 10 days including weekends

    Prior to this, I didn’t use stano for ver long. This time i did 50mg daily. for the entire 5 weeks, I was noticing tightening in my body, lot of sweats,easy and comfort doing cardio. Strength increased dramatically. it made me loose extra water i was holding. This is my best oral for summer cut. Love to do outdoor cardio with it.

    A quality winstrol, good finish to my cycle, I will recommend.

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