BuyTestosterone.Net is an international company which is fully certified and international. They offer testosterone and steroid products. They offer guaranteed quality products from the best brands of steroids from the best manufacturers. All the steroid brands from BuyTestosterone.Net are confirmed by quality certificates.

Products and Plans

You will find steroids of most of the famous brands in BuyTestosterone.Net. You may think that there is nothing special about this. All the online steroid providers do the same. They offer steroids from all brands. But there is something special about the steroids from BuyTestosterone.Net. That is, they have so many special offers, promotions and discounts in most of the steroid brands they deal with. It enables the customers to get good quality testosterones from their favorite brands. As a result many local steroid dealers are ordering steroids from BuyTestosterone.Net online. All in all, BuyTestosterone.Net can be considered as such a company which is very cost effective.

Customer Satisfaction

BuyTestosterone.Net has been successful so far in satisfying their customers with their services. Most of the customers who have ordered steroids from BuyTestosterone.Net are pretty happy about the services. Time maintaining while delivering the orders to the customers is a vital thing for the online steroid providers. BuyTestosterone.Net has maintained that in a great way. They are always in time to deliver the steroids all over the world. Only one customer has complained that he received his order after two days of actual delivery time. But two days is not a very big deal, and it can be said that the time maintaining has been very good. Moreover, the cheaper prices and new promotion and special offers are making the customer very happy. They have expressed their happiness because they are getting the best quality product at the lowest price. BuyTestosterone.Net has some special benefits and features for their regular customers. That’s why many people are now becoming their regular customers. BuyTestosterone.Net does not sell steroids to persons who are under 21 years old. This effort received a mixed feedback. Some people are saying it is an admirable effort because under-aged people will be discouraged to use steroids. But some other people think someone aged 20-21 is old enough to use any steroid he wants. That’s why they are saying this effort is a bad idea.


BuyTestosterone.Net has done a great job in serving their customers with good products and special packages. That’s why I will rate them 5 out of 5.

9 Thoughts on “BuyTestosterone.Net Reviews

  1. Mark Copeland on March 30, 2018 at 3:11 AM said:

    Please follow up with me
    Thank u
    Mark Copeland

  2. vbelowzero on August 13, 2018 at 11:39 AM said:

    BuyTestosterone is the best in the business. I’ve ordered from several other suppliers over the years and buytestosterone’s products are of the best quality. I’ve been ordering from them for several years and don’t have a single complaint.

    I always get a response to emails within a day, but usually within a few hours. I’ve never had a problem with an order or shipping time, so I’ve never needed any support.

    Orders are always sent within a few days and arrive in around 2 weeks. The packaging is discreet and secure.

    I’ve never done a cycle made from kalpa’s products that didn’t give me amazing results. I’ve done numerous different cycles and have put on a ton of muscle during each of them. The anti estrogens also work wonders and the cialis has kept the wife happy many, many times.

    As long as is in business, I have no reason to use any other suppliers.

  3. on August 20, 2018 at 11:38 AM said:

    2nd order and absolutely satisfied this time no delay everything smooth and quick. will def. order again.

    used the kalpa’s tren for 7 weeks now good gains and strength and bf decreased. the dbol im starting tomorrow will update how they work.

    very good prices top service they are my nr.1 source very satisfied.

  4. alwaysmassive78 on August 27, 2018 at 8:42 AM said:

    First choice source, have made several orders now

    Been ordering gear for years online with many different sources. BT have the best packaging going. I won’t go into details as no point giving other sources that info.

    Oxy’s for about 6 weeks and put on a stone- this i already reviewed though before, so just mention this as more an update for those, Test 400not started yet as still using supply had before, Deca used for 3-4 weeks now. Before people say the old ‘long ester- won’t notice effects yet….’ Everyone is different. I respond well to some things and not at all to other (dianabol? 50-100mg a day and i get itchy nipples and water retention, and yes tried lower doses- never done much for me). Deca I get mainly for joints. After a few weeks on decent deca and feels like I’m walking on cotton wool. I often get sore clicking joints and sore elbows/knees as heavy lifting for 16-17 years and this has gone (for now at least) so saving me a fortune in painkillers! This kalpa line is decent gear- long may it continue!

  5. Countless orders placed with this source. Never had an issue even when they went down for a while I was kept updated and received my order with no hassle.

    Kalpa mast e – mainly used this for gyno reversal at 3ml a week made my chest chizzled and t the same time hardened my muscles.

    Kalpa tren e – this gave me the usual tren effects after 4 weeks in. Increased aggression strength. Energy and mass. Used at 2.5ml a eek. Arimidex kept estrogen low and no semis tube nipple whilst on this

  6. This is the first time i’ve ordered any gear online and was recommended, I was a bit dubious with it being the first time but everything went smoothly and i’ll certainly use them again.

    Instructions for payment were simple to follow, messages with tracking info etc were received. Overall very good.

    Packing was good and discrete as advertised.

    Dragon Pharma Test 400

    Balkan Tamoxifen 20

    7Labs Tamoxifen 20

    Balkan Anastrozole Prescription Grade

    DP Test 400 was genuine, had blue lids, Hologram and counterfeit leaflet inside.

    Using this as a TRT so low dosage for as long as needed.

    The AI products were bought as a precaution so have not used them yet.

    As I said above it’s my first time ordering gear online so I was a bit nervous as we hear the stories about being ripped off. So glad I used this company though and everything was perfectly fine.

    This will be my go to site in the future.

  7. Superturkey on October 15, 2018 at 12:55 PM said:

    My first order with buytestosterone was smooth sailing.

    Great response time. Easy to deal with. No problems at all.

    Discreet and simple. Vials wrapped in paper towel and bubble wrap envelope.

    Only used for two shots so far, but all seems fine. The Test U has quite a PIP but that is only to be expected with such a strong concentration.

  8. After an initial mess up with collecting the payment and delay in delivery, the product was delivered as promised. The postage and packaging is an excellent selling point.

    Pretty good communication, answers all emails.

    Good discrete packaging.

    7Labs Tren Enanthate

    Quality oil, almost totally PIP free. 7Lab Pharm products do seem to be as good as everyone says.

    It would be great if they stocked more variety as they seem very easy to deal with and the postage is brilliant. I would like to see the stocks replenished quicker and more variety and I wouldn’t need to shop anywhere else.

  9. Fully recommend this supplier, everything was great, from the order, the products to the delivery. The process from ordering to delivery took 1 week (!) total, which is the fastest I’ve ever experienced and I ordered from many different sources. I also love that BuyTestosterone gives 10% off on everything you order. This is my new go-to-supplier for sure.

    Communication was very fast and satisfying. I also liked that the informed me about the status of my order, when it was shipped.

    Packing was great and discrete. There wasn’t anything suspicious at all.

    Kalpa Test-E 250mg

    DP Viagra 50mg

    Product quality is great and I am fully satisfied. I used other Test before and I like this one much, much better. Injection is great. Viagra completely does what you’d expect, I can fuck like theres no tomorrow 😉

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