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GoAnabolics.com is an online steroid store for athletes and bodybuilders. It offers anabolics of such a diverse range that it will definitely meet the requirements of any customer’s needs. It also sells a small range of peptides, and other ancillaries. Due to its content, the site only appeals to people who are adept at bodybuilding, and try out new gear. The site has an FAQ section and helpful tips on how to effectively use their juice. The store’s signature items are Anavar Online, Anapolon Online, Dianabol Online, Deca Durabolin Online, Masteron Online, Primobolan Online, Sustanon Online, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate, Trenbolone Acetate, Winstrol Online and others; It is the home of the original steroid products. Customers can make an account in order to track their order status and use the wishlist. They can also subscribe to the website’s newsletter and receive offers via email. Currently the store only accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and International Money Transfer as payment methods. GoAnabolics does supply to a few quality retailers like 7Lab Pharma, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, BodyPharm, SP Laboratories, Dragon Pharma, Sciroxx and Gen-Shi Labs.

GoAnabolics.com Discounts and Promotions

GoAnabolics.com offers seasonal discounts on all of its products.

GoAnabolics.com Customer Reviews

GoAnabolics.com relies on its ticket system in order to stay in touch with the customers and what they need. Many customers speak highly of the processing as it has been quick, painless and orders are shipped correctly. As well as easy ordering, their prices are fantastic for the many high quality brands they offer.

There are also customers who speak of the secure transaction, making them a safe and trustworthy retailer for anabolics. Wholesale prices are amazing for products that can get pricey like this, making you able to save thousands of dollars a year.

Being in business for the past 13 years, they have become one of the most trusted wholesale priced steroid retailers on the web.

When customer service representatives have been contacted, customers have only had pleasant experiences as the reps have had simple, easy and quick resolutions for their issues they have had.

Customers also talk about the quality of the product as they come unbroken, perfect and fresh. This is something that’s important.

These real reviews come from customers who have been using gear for decades.

Overall Rating

The overall rating for this online steroid retailer would be a solid 5. This is because their customer service representatives are impeccable with their timely responses and resolutions as well as their prices being hard to believe.

Their website is very easy to navigate around and is very well organized as they have all brands organized alphabetically. Their secure and simple transaction process helps customers assure themselves that their information is safe.

It is very much worth being a client of theirs as they are very organized and inexpensive with no complaints on their quality product.

15 Thoughts on “GoAnabolics.com Reviews

  1. s08722k on January 24, 2018 at 6:56 PM said:

    I’ve received over 5 orders and everything has been above expectations. Me and my friends who have ordered have seen great results from all the products I’ve used. Above and beyond in every category.

    Communication was never any longer than 24hrs. Every question was answered as well as the great way they are never hesitant of giving advice and protocol.

    I’ve ordered all kalpa test(s), mast e and p, tren e and p, deca, and for this most current order I received was anavar 20mg tabs.

    my gf has been on var for 3 weeks and is experiencing all expected results based on the chemical’s characteristics. she is on 10mg ed up until yesterday due to her sides being too intense. she is more vascular, experiencing significant strength increase, looking harder, experiencing head aches, back cramps when she’s low on water intake and an extra sensitive clit. that is why she lowered her dose to 5mg.

    you should have no doubts about gear quality or getting scammed out of money. this source is top notch in all aspects!!!

  2. dbomb2241 on January 30, 2018 at 11:43 AM said:

    I ordered from this source once. Doubt I will order again.

    Received confirmation emails. Had to send several back and forth for shipping confirmation and tracking numbers. A few too many in my opinion.

    Packaging was professional. Shipping time took about a month. Which is a little too long for my preference.

    Bodypharm oil supertest, deca, tren ace. Balkan anadrol, 10mg winstrol tabs, 10mg anavar tabs, and Liv52.

    Was already running 80mg test undecanoate and 50mg winstrol every day when I began using the products from goanabolics. 1/2ml eod supertest, 1ml eod tren a, 400mg deca per week, Anadrol 50mg ed first 5 days then 100mg ed. No complaints about the gear. It was effective.

    No complaints about the quality. Vascularity and strength both increased, fat decreased. Only complaint was the shipping time.

  3. truckerman32 on February 6, 2018 at 12:01 PM said:

    I received my order with everything I ordered, it was discreet and everything was secure. This is my first order from Goanabolics and my first review ever. I’m very pleased with the service I received, and want to thank for their help and knowledge of their products. I went for blood work on friday and started my cycle on saturday. I will be going back for blood work on first friday of march. I think that will be long enough for the gear to be good in my system. I know I could go sooner, just want it to be in my system good. I will post as soon as I get my results to let other bros know about the quality of the gear. When I did my first pin it was super smooth and everything went as planed. I will be ordering from Goanabolics in the future as long as I”m happy with my blood work, the ordering part is the most stressful when you try someone for the first time, you dont know what your going to receive if u receive anything, But I went with my gut, and so far I”m happy I did.

  4. Tommygunn1980 on March 20, 2018 at 11:38 AM said:

    This review is for the kalpa tren ace. All I can say is wow. Shit is potent some of the best tren I’ve ever used. I ran 1 cc eod for 5 weeks with prop to Kickstart my cycle. And this tren hit me hard. I normally don’t get any sides from tren. This stuff had me sweating like crazy. Crazy vascularity. Had me looking shredded and my strength through the roof.

    Approx two weeks to usa.

  5. dwigt911 on May 8, 2018 at 11:52 AM said:

    Since this is a relatively new source, I’ll give my two cents. Product was sent in a timely manner and arrived in just about 2 weeks. Packaging was good and secure. Everything seems good to go for this source, His vials look very pretty, will update with results of Kalpa’s TEST E asap

  6. swoller87 on June 20, 2018 at 11:35 AM said:

    Got in on a promo for Kalpa dbol and var.

    Communication was great. Very supportive and professional.

    T/a I’m not too sure on it was over 14 days. That’s about right for that part of the world.

    Dbol was great but I’m not the biggest fan of dbol makes my estro rise and I hold alot of water. Var gave good pumps, from my experience I would say it was properly dosed.

    Great international source for kalpa.

  7. BrolicBruce on June 27, 2018 at 1:30 PM said:

    I am reviewing 2 products I received from the last promo. I ran the dbol with some other ones I had laying around both kp but from another source. I would def recommend this source to other users. Great products, great t/a, and hassle free.

    Communication was great. Did not need to communicate from my side as everything was as smooth as possible. Support as far as keeping me updated without even asking was also great.

    T/A was very good, never had to ask where it was or when is it landing. Packaging was stellar and very creative. I have no complaints about either.

    KP Clomixyl

    KP Dianoxyl

    I started the dbol with 20mg a day for a week and then up to 40mg, I ran that for a total of 6 weeks. When I made the switch I could immediately tell the difference. Forearms grew and my strength was up. I also noticed my aggression was higher. I def noticed water retention on the dbol as well. I ran the clomid after a NPP and prop cycle. I did a 50/50/100/100 cycle. The last week I had to use some liquid garbage from another source. I could notice the difference in quality from the quality of my sex life from the KP brand and liquid trash.

  8. yossi1711 on July 4, 2018 at 12:35 PM said:

    This has been my second order , And I received the package within a week !!! so fast for regular air mail

    the Communication is always good , always comes back to me any question ! ! !

    the product is so high quality like always

    i order again so i recommend for all to order from this supplier

  9. skinny2swole on July 10, 2018 at 2:27 PM said:

    This source is extremely underated!!! Every order ive placed came fast ans secure not to mention the Kalpa is great gear!!!

    Turnaround time is about 10 days or so… Packing is top notch and secure.

    You truely cant go wrong with this source. You will be happy!!!

  10. BobbyJ on July 17, 2018 at 3:57 PM said:

    I’ve made a couple of orders with goanabolics and every time its been a great experience. I plan on using them everytime I need to stock up.

    Communication is great. They are there to answer any questions you may have on their products. Always friendly.

    T/A is awesome. Most of the time its a 7 day turn around from order to received. Cant complain at all. Packaging is great. Everything is secured nicely.

    The Test P is great, felt it on the 3rd day. Good strength gains and made me sweat a lot. No pip at all with the Test P or Test E. The Test E is great also, felt it around the 4th week.

    Cant wait to start their Winstrol and Anavar.

  11. jdan on July 24, 2018 at 9:14 AM said:

    My first experience dealing with goanabolics.

    Throughout the process GOA kept AMAZING communication, sometimes answering within minutes but never more than 24 hours. He insured me that I will get the products and always kept me in the loop.

    Very discreet as you would expect from a great source.

  12. Gatorclaw on August 28, 2018 at 7:28 PM said:

    Recently made my 9th order with these guys. They have been very good every time. The products are top notch and service is very professional. Not the lowest price but I personally do not want lowest price for what goes in my muscle.

    Great communication! Excellent support! If you do your part and take care of your end I the transaction they will do theirs.

  13. VIKING EVOLUTION on September 4, 2018 at 2:29 PM said:

    Received and used plenty of products in the past from goanabolics but this review is primarily about the masteron E from the 7lab line…. superb sums this mast up in one word and my latest self-pics show the hardness it brought to the table.

    Fantastic product that should be incorporated into every stack imo due to its Ai capabilities I need not use any adex or aromasin,.. so it helps save a little cash on long cycles were lots of adex etc is usually used.

  14. totodilezgb on September 11, 2018 at 2:11 PM said:

    First time ordering online and was skeptical, but I’m very glad I placed an order with these guys.

    I emailed them a couple of times just to check up on my order and they got back to me pretty quickly each time to reassure me that everything was running smoothly.

    Packaging was solid and discrete, product that needed to be protected was bubble-wrapped well.

    Kalpa’s Test was fairly smooth and had no pip, and I’ve noticed some slight strength increases and increased pumps from anavar.

    I have yet to finish my cycle but things are looking good so far. I’m very pleased with the service and will definitely be using these guys as my go-to supplier from now on.

  15. Trenbolone on November 20, 2018 at 12:32 PM said:

    This is my review of my last cycle which I purchased in full from Goanabolics like 4 months ago. I ran a cutter and as such I decided to run some tren and mast and test. Upon looking at this source I saw they carried a blend of the three from Kalpa called Cutaxyl 150. The source was extremely easy to deal with and even though I had messed upnthe donation on my end he fixed things asap and without hassle, pleasure to shop here.

    Wrapped up secure and delivered in about 9 days

    6 vials of kalpa cutaxyl 150 plus 1 freebie vial. Contains 50mg each of test p mast p tren a

    I ran 1 ml every day of this blend for 70 days and wow the results on my body were outstanding fat beyond what I expected. The RECOMP effect was amazing I mean I’ve ran tren before buy the mast I feel like really put it over the top. I gained ten pounds of rock solid mass while leaning out and my skin was so thin I looked like granite my bodyfat has never been so low and I’ve never been in better condition. I was setting personal records consistently through the cycle as well. I had a few sleepless nights soaking wet from sweating hahahaha and some irritation but other than that I respond well to tren. My libido was insane the whole time as well and I’ve kept nearly all my gains in pct. I also noticed the oil though highly concentrated pinned fairly smooth and the pip was not very bad at all like with most blends. I would recommend this lab!

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