The Top 4 Most Used Steroids Amongst Bodybuilders

It’s long been known that many world-class sprinters use anabolic steroids to obtain an edge on the race track. We’ve seen the disgraced Olympic athletes surrendering the medals on television due to being tested positive. We’ve seen some of them even surrender their freedom in courtroom, sentenced to month in jail for perjury after denying their use under oath, and being contradicted by evidence presented from jilted former trainers or spouses.

What may not be so well known among bodybuilders is that many of the substances they use to run at world record paces are the same used by bike racers, boxers, football players, and yes, even professional bodybuilders. Here is the “run down” of the four most popular drugs used by sprinters.


This one is a foregone conclusion, an obvious addition to this list. In today’s sports world, athletes in all sports arena benefit from the use of testosterone to boost performance and lead to new strength which is of tremendous benefit in most athletic endeavors. Even if muscle mass isn’t useful in most sports – especially those like biking or running – the added strength that testosterone delivers is very useful. Additions in both speed and recovery come from testosterone as well. Finally, that competitive edge is always fueled through the use of artificial testosterone. Here are some reasons for ordering testosterone cypionate from online.

Human Growth Hormone

This compound is excellent for off-season training and recovery, where most of the gains for the next competitive racing season are made. Gains in muscle mass are nice, and the added strength is very nice. But HGH is especially useful in runner for help with recovery. Instead of needing a day of rest following a brutal workout, athletes using Human Growth Hormones awake to find themselves refreshed and ready to do it all again. Administered three times per week in a manageable dose of 4 to 5 IUs, it’s less than our bodybuilding heroes but far more than your average retiree looking for an edge on the shuffleboard court. An excellent human growth hormone is Dragontropin by Dragon Pharma.


Insulin has found a huge following in recent years due to the fact that it helps 250 pound ripped men become 280 pound ripped men in less than two years. It has led to an unprecedented amount of growth in the last decade among athletes, and its use seems to only be growing. For runners, a thrice-weekly injections as part of the off-season regimen can lead to growth and gains in strength and speed. Additionally, an insulin test doesn’t exist, meaning you can use it without fear of losing your right to compete.


Also known as Procrit, Erythopoietin (EPO) is very popular among long distance bicycle cyclists seeking an edge in endurance and long term performance. EPO was briefly popular with bodybuilders in the early 1990s. However, a rash of deaths among top professionals was attributed to its usage, and it became off-limits among most competitors. EPO is tested heavily in athletes.

Any drug that makes you bigger, stronger, and faster will find a home among athletes seeking to become bigger, stronger and faster. These are only a starter list.

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