delayed onset muscle soreness

How To Reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness, is something that all bodybuilders are familiar with. It’s that recognizable feeling of stiffness that you wake up with after a tough workout the day before. You’re glad you have it – it shows your workout was successful and you were able to stimulate muscle fibers intro growth. But at the same time, you realize that for the next 2 to 3 days, you are going to be hurting in everything you do. Let’s learn more about how one can reduce the effects of DOMS.

DOMS symptoms occur less and less as one becomes more and more advanced of a bodybuilder, but it never quite goes away. Anytime muscle fibers are stimulated en masse, there is going to be some fiber tearing, which will lead to new growth. However, the more conditioned the muscles become to tough training – through years of consistent training and proper diet – the more quickly the muscle groups and central nervous system will recover from tough workouts.

Vitamin C and E contrain valuable anti-oxidants which help the body to recover quickly from the effects of free-radicals, the toxins that are released as the result of bodily functions. Glutamine is another popular supplement which is used by many bodybuilders to assist with recovery. Some of the more exotic and currently unknown supplements which may aid recovery include tocopherols, flavanoids, and docosahexaenoates. In the coming years, more research will be done on these supplements to see their effects upon recovery and long-term mass-market viability.

Being in a calorie deficit will lead to a greater likelihood of DOMS occurring. Eating 200 to 500 more calories than your body requires will help you to add muscle, and provide extra nutrients when your body needs them. Daily protein grams should be in the 250 (minimum) to 400 (maximum for bodybuilders using AAS) range. Orange juice is also popular for breaking up lactic acid in the muscle groups, one of the main causes of DOMS.

Anabolic Assistance
For those bodybuilders who use real anabolic steroids from online, DOMS isn’t a major factor in the lives. Chemically-assisted bodybuilders recover from workouts much faster than their natural counterparts. Androgen receptors in the muscle groups adhere with the compounds in AAS and the muscle fibers heal much faster. If you understand the side effects of AAS and wish to use them, the decline in DOMS presence will be noticeable.

If you wish to live the bodybuilding lifestyle, you’re going to have to accept the inevitability of DOMS. If you lift weights, you’re going to be sore. The good news is that the type of soreness attained by lifting weights is quite preferable to the soreness that comes from growing old and being out of shape. That kind of soreness lasts forever, whereas the satisfying feeling of DOMS tends to disappear within 48 to 72 hours, leaving only new muscle as evidence of its presence. Use the keys listed above, and tough it up. DOMS is a badge of honor to display as proof of your hard work in the gym!

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