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Athletes and Steroids: The Secret Weapon To A Competitive Advantage

Steroids is a drug that is either in liquid or pill form. What it does is it boosts you up to something more faster and stronger. Many athletes like bodybuilders use these type of drugs to get stronger and bigger faster so that they can win their title. There are many other athletes that use steroids as well, but not for the same purpose as a body builder. There are several key reasons why athletes use steroids. Other athletes like runners, bicyclers, and even tennis players will use this drug if they could get their hands on it. They think that if you have it then it will make them better. Baseball players have started using this drug as well as wrestlers so they can beat their competition. Other than athletes steroids is used for medical reasons as well.

There are many patients that are very sick and they need to be on a steroid. Now at times the steroid process is a lot different because it is not usually the same as what he athletes take, but most of the time it is something that make the patient stronger and more alert at all times. They say that these stereos help them get better, bu at times it only makes the illness worse and the reason for that is because the drug has not really been tested all that much so you are actually taking something that someone says is good for you and that will help you. This drug comes with a side effect that no one notices until later on in life.

Steroid use comes with a lot of steroid side effects that should be warned. For example you can fall into deep depression and you can also lose a lot of sleep. For some people they have gained weight or lost a lot amount of weight. In the athletes since you can become weaker and you will have a lot of mood swings. These warning signs are suppose to be an alert to everyone that uses steroids, but no one cares as long as they can wing their matches. Steroids have been abused by many people and they are still being abused today, but with a lot more consequences. Now you can lose your jobs if you work a an NBA star or something like that. Plus you are now tested for them as well.

Nothing good has come from using steroids in the past years and nothing will.

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