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Unless you have a friendly doctor or terrific gym connection, ordering steroids from overseas will likely be your best option for obtaining AAS. As long as you are smart about placing the order, you can typically receive your wares without much interference. Here are some tips for ordering steroids through the mail safely.

Use another name

Do you have a senile elderly aunt in a nursing home? Perhaps a retired 8th grade gym teacher that moved to Alaska? Place the order under their name. You’ll be in a much stronger position in a court case if your name isn’t even on the package of steroids in question.

Never sign for anything

It is very rare that the US Postal system will ever have you sign for a package – UPS and FEDEX are the companies which require signing. Most overseas steroid shops don’t require a signature for anything. If a postman knocks on your door with a package for you to sign, don’t sign for it. It won’t be in your name, and there will be nothing tying you to that package if you don’t sign for it. Even if means forfeiting a $200 package and ordering form another website next time, you will save yourself from exposure to arrest and imprisonment by not claiming the package at all.

Best destination?

Ideally, having the package delivered to your great grandmother’s house would be the most ideal situation. However, most of us will have to have the package delivered to our home. That’s okay, as long as your name isn’t the one on the package. Also, a PO Box from a store like Mailboxes, Etc can be a good option. Pick up your package late at night from a 24-hour facility, and watch for those following you. Be shrewd in picking up and opening, and when in doubt, don’t touch the package.

Order in small amounts

Larger boxes are more likely to be opened and searched by federal agents than small ones. Placing a giant order to “stock up for the year” will put you on the radar much faster than several small orders which will often make it through undetected.

Lawyer up

If you are ever questioned or detained by law enforcement for any packages delivered to your house, don’t try to explain your way out of it, and don’t play dumb, hoping they’ll let you off the hook. Politely ask for an attorney and say no more.

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