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Injection Zones And Techniques For HGH

With all the talk in bodybuilding circles of the effectiveness of human growth hormone (HGH), many bodybuilders believe they know a lot about the drug. The storage and transport, timing, dosing, and other factors have been beaten into our heads in article after article, and many bodybuilders are fairly comfortable with it. However, the actual injection zones for HGH, as well as the technique which should be employed when making the injection, aren’t the same as with AAS. Bodybuilders using human growth hormone (HGH) need to be aware of these differences which should be practiced when using HGH, as opposed to standard testosterone injections, in order to get the most benefits possible from this very useful compound.

The typical testosterone or other AAS injection takes place in areas such as the glutes, calves, triceps, biceps, shoulders, or upper chest. You clean the area with alcohol, and try to relax. You pull the skin tight for the cleanest possible injection zone, and you inject the oil directly into the muscle which sits beneath the fat. There are three layers you’ll actually be penetrating. First, the needle will pass through the skin’s surface. It will jut directly through the fat which sits beneath the skin. It will then enter the muscle that sits below the fat. When using legit anabolic steroids for sale in USA, you must inject the needle through the skin, through the subcutaneous layer of fat, into this muscle, and then hit the plunger to insert the oil. This allows the oil (containing the steroids) to absorb into the muscle group, which will then facilitate a slow release of testosterone into the bloodstream over a period of days or even weeks. This technique is employed not only so that muscle cells come in the most contact with the oil, but so that the oil is given a longer period to dissipate in the body.

Growth hormone is injected into the body differently. This point cannot be emphasized enough to the new users who would otherwise just plunge a needle into their muscle at a 90 degree angle. Growth hormone is delivered at both a different angle, and into a different part of the body. It is also administered into different target zones.

To start off, you’re going to want to avoid those standard “meaty” areas where you typically make your AAS injections. Pass on the shoulder, arm, and glute shots where you normally make the injection. HGH should be injected into an area with more fat. Ideally, the three top areas for GH injection include the rear deltoid, the front center thigh, and most likely, the “love handles”, or the chunk of fat between your side and lower back, just above the waistband level. You want to inject the HGH into fat – not muscle – in order for it to be effective. Once you’ve selected an injection location, you’ll want to prep the zone like any other injection. However, when it’s time to make the plunge, you’ll want to use a 45 degree angle, coming in from the side. You’ll want to only penetrate the skin, and inject the HGH into the fat pocket directly below the skin, not into the muscle which lies below.

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  1. I understand that injecting HGH into the abdomen is preferable, however I have noticed that when doing this my belly fat is dispersed quicker than the rest of my body. If I was to inject into my tricep or glute, would this have the same impact on that area? Could you also explain your answer please?

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