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Insulin: Humalog For Bodybuilding

When it comes to selecting an insulin to use either in conjunction with growth hormone and/or your anabolic steroid stack, the choice as to which is the best choice is much like which testosterone is best. Different brands and formats of insulin have different release times, which will lead to different results for users. Bodybuilders typically want a fast-acting insulin, but many of them won’t have an awareness of this. They’ll just grab whatever is handy at the pharmacy counter. Many times, it will be Humalog that they grab. But is this the right option?

Insulin Results

First, let’s look at insulin. The positive effects of insulin cannot be denied by the anti-drug groups which fries eggs on commercials proclaiming “this is your brain on drugs”. Insulin builds muscle. This is a fact. Users of insulin in the professional bodybuilding ranks are obvious – they are the established professionals who somehow managed to magically add 25 pounds of muscle to their frame in two years after joining the pro ranks. What was their secret? Usually, it is a combination of insulin and growth hormone. These two combine to open up avenues for growth in the muscle cell receptors far beyond what a traditional heavy anabolic or androgenic steroid cycle can deliver.

Insulin Side Effects

The potential dangers of using insulin are something to which every potential user needs to pay very close attention as well. At the extreme end of the spectrum is sudden death. We’ll never know how many otherwise healthy athletic types fall over and are pronounced death due to ‘cardiac failure’ each year when the true culprit was a combination of low blood sugar levels due to diet, and injectable insulin. Insulin leads to sudden death in users who go too low on the carbohydrate intake. It’s a tricky drug to manage. On one hand, you have the fact that too many carbohydrates consumed during an insulin cycle leads to a massive spike in weight, particularly in fat gains. On the other hand, too few carbohydrates and the organs fail causing cardiac arrest. The exact formula isn’t one that can be calculated on a spreadsheet either. These numbers are delivered by professionals in the field. And since most GH, AAS, and insulin use for cosmetic bodybuilding use is forbidden, finding a certified professional willing to tell you if your carb levels are correct for insulin dosing isn’t too easy.

Humalog Insulin

Specifically speaking on Humalog, it is one of the slower-acting insulin’s. For bodybuilders seeking an immediate pickup following a workout, there are better options out there. Humalog isn’t the slowest, but it’s in the middle range. Humalog was originally designed for diabetics, as all insulin was, but it ended up taking a home in the toolboxes of many bodybuilders to whom it was the only available insulin solution. It works. You’ll see results. But they won’t come as fast. It was designed for users wishing to partake in a single daily shot for true insulin level management – namely, actual diabetics. Buy Humalog insulin in USA if you must, but work to find faster insulin options.

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  1. How much insulin do you take if your on a cycle of gh, test cyp, anadrol 50. What’s the dose and for how long

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