growth hormone for fat loss

Q: I want to take GH just for fat loss, but I don’t know how much to take. What is the best dose to lose body fat?

A: A lot depends upon how much you weigh, how much fat you need to lose and what time frame you have. GH does work relatively slowly on fat loss. Generally, the dose for fat loss for about a 160-180 pound person is about 2-4 iu’s. Frankly 2 iu’s a day, using a subcutaneous injections would do the trick for this weight. Taking 4 iu’s might be overkill.

Don’t expect immediate results, body composition changes occur after a month and up to 3 months. We think that injecting the iu’s into the fatty areas directly also has some benefit for fat loss. There’s no such thing as spot reduction in the drug-free world, but with GH, we suspect that that isn’t as true. Fat loss is sustained longer when GH is used as a catalyst for lipolytic action.

However, you can eventually gain it back, as you would under any other circumstance, if you do not take heed of dietary and exercise maintenance standards. It is, however, an expensive way to lose fat.

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