corn based anabolic steroids

A Look At Corn Based Anabolic Steroids

Q: What in the hell is Waximaize? I hear it’s a new supplement. What does it do?

A: It’s a new carbo supplement that is supposedly superior to other sources. It’s made from Waxy Maize, which is a corn based product. I’m not personally familiar with that one, but there are a few of these coming out on the market now. One is called Mutant Mass by PVL and is a combination of waxy maize and barley starch. People tell me this is better than plain waxy maize because it mixes more easily. A lot of guys are having to mix malto with waxy maize to get it to actually sink and mix. Many are reporting great results from the Mutant Mass also because it is providing more mass gains, less bloat and gastro problems, less sluggishness and some are reporting that they are actually losing a little bit of fat when they keep a moderately clean diet in the off season and train hard. Bloat and indiscriminate weight gain is huge with other carbo supps. The glycogen replacement and mass gains are likely a result of the fact that traditional dextrose and maltodextrin are not as high in molecular weight. Higher molecular weight contributes to greater glycogen loading potential.

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