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BuySteroids is an American online steroids store that sells anabolic and androgenic steroids and its accessories. BuySteroids was first started in July 2009 and has since bloomed into one of the most popular steroid stores in the US. If you are a bodybuilder and you are looking to purchase and try out different anabolics and you need supplements for PCT, then BuySteroids is your ideal store. BuySteroids sells HGH kits, a variety of Testosterones with different esters: Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Suspension, Testosterone Undecanoate; cutting and bulking orals: Methandienone, Oxandrolone, Oxymetholone, Stanozolol and PCT parts such as Anastrozole, Clomiphene, Tamoxifen, etc. As of now, BuySteroids have several retail stores. To place orders simply choose the items you want to purchase, add them to your cart and pay for them using Bitcoin, Ethereum or Money Transfer. They don’t accept credit cards or e-checks. If your desired items are in stock they will be shipped to your location within 24 hours if you place the orders on Mondays through Thursday. If orders are placed on Fridays, or during weekdays or holidays they will be delivered to you by the following Monday. Shipping charges are forgiven if you purchase items worth more than $600. Shipping is done overseas but the terms are different than the domestic ones. reviews


BuySteroids.WS Customer Reviews

Deducing from the customers’ point of views, BuySteroids has received mixed to positive reviews. While the lion’s share of customers heaped their praises on BuySteroids and their products, some had contradictory opinions. BuySteroids induced the customers’ attraction towards their items because of their innovativeness and readiness to provide with whatever items consumers demanded. From the opinions of customers, their admirable qualities are having a wide range of products that is associated with anabolic/androgenic steroids, their reasonable prices, their customer services and commitment to buyers and their fast delivery. Furthermore the salesmen of BuySteroids are friendly and professional and treat their customers with respect. Customers further expressed their delight with the Reward Points system and their policy of returning 5% of the amount of money a customer spends on purchasing items.

BuySteroids.WS Coupon Codes

They do not only solemnly offer good quality products at fair prices; they also give out discount rates to their customers to further ensure customer satisfaction. The attractive offers BuySteroids gives out to their customers are:

  • Products are individually sold at bargains and item-based discounts are given out. (For example: Bulk Offers sold at 10% off, single items sold at 25% off,etc)
  • If you order items and you have spent more than $600 on purchasing items on a single order, your orders will be delivered to you free of cost.


Personally based on customer reviews and from the hints I got from their website, I will give BuySteroids a rating of 5 out of 5. Their website has the aptness to attract customers and based on the wide range of products they comprise of, you can’t help but be impressed. They are a popular American steroids store and they have been a success in their business. They have sold good quality products, they have been satisfying bodybuilders and athletes, they are trustworthy and deliver products on time to cap it off they offer good customer services. All that leads to a customer’s satisfaction. Although they have been doing well in the steroid business, they still have room for improvement.

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23 thoughts on “BuySteroids.WS Reviews

  1. This is my 4th order I’ve placed with and he’s still the man everything I’ve ordered from him has been excellent and he’s defiantly my go to guy on here…fast shipping as always I’ve never had a single complaint about and have gotten straight up swole up using Kalpa’s gear lol everything I’ve ordered from him always has minimum to no pip as well….thanks bro

  2. Just ordered 2 weeks ago took advantage of his promo 25% off. First time ordering from and I will def be ordering from them again.

    Let me tell you, it is true…only took 10 days to get my gear. Customer service goes a long ways and they know how to treat their customers. Still waiting on some of the primo and some testE because they had to restock. He let me know about the restock before I placed my order…felt so comfortable with

    Have tried all of the Kalpa gear, pinned the Sust, testE and the primo…mixed all together in one syringe about 2.5ml total. Virtually zero PIP, this gear is smooth as silk, I just make sure the gear is nice and warm @ room temp around 80-90 degrees and it flows really nice. My libido is through the roof already…girlfriend is loving that. Strength is increasing steadily, hit the gym pretty hard last week and had no soreness recovery was almost immediate. Taking 50mgs of dbol ED it has made me stronger at the gym, I got a back pump the other night at the gym and I thought I was going to pass out are freakin explode….guess that’s how you know it’s g2g

    Super professional, extremely nice and easy to work with. Will def recommend and be shopping here again.

  3. My winter bulk of Test/NPP, first time using site.

    Excellent communication, npp was out of stock, said he could send DP or wait till Tuesday for Kalpa pharma, I waited.

    Very secure package. Superdrol arrived 2 weeks, npp 2days later.

    Authentication numbers check. Using for 3 weeks, weight up strength up, bit of bloat, as close to pharmaceutical grade as you can get. Not used Superdrol yet, saving for next spring

  4. This was my 4 order from and everything whet smooth .I want to keep my review short because I don’t read a review that goes on and on .

    T/A was 14 days .package was nice and tight

    Products was the best quality I have ever used . The run was 600 test e a week and 750 eq a week proviron 25 MG a day. 12.50 aromasin from week 4 .test was 3950 at week 6. And the eq had my eating like a horse. Aromasin is of the best quality estrogen crash with 12.50 a day

    I gain 12 lbs on that cycle 6 weeks after I am still holding 10 lbs .I crashed my estro at week 6. I end the cycle early 14 weeks because I stop gaining weight and no change was happening to my body. I will be ordering from in a few weeks for my next run. should be the number one source on here.

  5. Never needed to contact them as my package was received in the allotted T/A.

    Package was securely wrapped

    Ordered KP winstrol. The winstrol did its job. I got stronger and the joints in my fingers were starting to ache like usual when I’m on really good winstrol. I also could notice I was losing water weight significantly. I was running the Winstrol 50mg ED for 6 weeks

    This source is G2G and I would definitley be doing more business with them in the foreseeable future.

  6. Their gear is great. I had a chance of participating in the 25% off promo quite a few times.

    Great communication. Each time purchased with confidence.

    Takes around 8-10 days across the pond.

    I know Kalpa’s sustanon is legit and good to go because my sex was increasing and after sometime it goes through the roof to the point it becomes almost unbearable. Alongside libido strength consistently goes up. Never noticed any drop off. Strength stays steady. Water retention is there. Arimidex dosages with this sutanon are 0.25-0.5 mg/ed depending on the level of water retention.

    Love this source.

  7. This is a review for the kalpa t3 they sell

    very discreet. shipping was long but well worth the wait

    Incredible. Ive pushed my body and the thyroids limits and realized I havnt reached it yet. Ive ran this t3 at 25mg for 8 weeks during a bulk and saw great results. Ive ran it as high as 100mg for 7 weeks and saw my waist trim incredibly. With proper diet I brought my bf from 22% to 4% with this t3 for my last show. Again I said proper dieting.

    Running this alongside with ketotifen clen tren is insane.

    great source amazing prices

  8. This is a review for the kalpa pharma sustanon

    Support and communication is really good, all questions answered in a timely manner, nice people.

    The t/a was under two weeks I beleve and the packaging was secure nothing broken.

    Recieved these while I was running a quality sust from a different supplier to see how it stacked up, I used it at 125mg eod and I didn’t notice any drop in my libido, appetite or strength. My skin actually felt greasyer. But pretty much everything stayed the same and on the right path. I look forward to using other products from this lab in the future.

    This is a good company with really good service and good with keeping in touch, also fast delivery. I definitely recommend them.

  9. 7Lab Test E is great quality.

    Communication was awesome. I received email responses within 12 hours or so and since this was my first order ever I had quite a few questions and was great.

    I have been on gear for 4 weeks and 6 days, 500 mg a week pinned twice a week. Absolutely ZERO pip. My first injection ever was an absolute disaster, I was all over the place in my skin and damn near broke the needle off. Thought for sure the pip would be unbearable but nothing. My pre labs showed total test at just over 400 and my 4 week labs showed total test at about 2300. Strength is going up in all areas, I’ve put on 8 lbs., getting compliments left and right, and the old lady cannot handle the wood 🙂 Had some minor night sweats, light acne on my back, and very little bloating

    I wish everyone’s first experience could have been as positive as mine.

    Definitely will be ordering again soon

  10. this by far the best source on the net..gear is out of this world and a pleasure to deal with……I will never order from anyone else ever.

    t/a was exactly as I was told It would be within 7 days from the time I placed the order.

    tren a

    test prop

    mast prop


    I have been using for 3 weeks and it is all pure fire…no pip at all…already seeing veins everywhere…cant wait to see how I look in 8 weeks

    I recommend these guys to everyone….try them I promise you will not be sorry.

  11. Hey guys, I am using my tablet so I hope everything comes out right. I have ordered test P and test E a long time ago. I started my cycle off with Test P and worked it in till the test E kicked in. I could confirm the test p was awesome right from the start. The test E and my cycle went smooth. Kalpa’s gear is top notch. I used pct and anti estrogen from somewhere else but KP gear is some of the best I have had. It was properly dosed and amazing. From experience I can tell, but I also get bloods done to make sure everything is going smooth, and everything did. I am past pct and have fully recovered.

    Next cycle is in sight. I wish nothing but the best. Stay focused and work hard everyone! Nothing but amazing gear from right here.

  12. Received gear today. The total time from order placed to shipped was 12 days. Gear arrived well packaged. I ordered 2100 mgs of Anavar I have taken Var before and I normally can feel it at about 7-10 days. I will update on the quality of the gear when I can make an accurate decision!

    UPDATE: I have been using this product now for 8 days I have determined that the gear is good to go. Running an Anavar only cycle, please don’t give me crap I am only 22 and don’t want to be using anything stronger than Anavar until I am older…All in all the shipping was quick, Gear is legit and I am a satisfied customer!

    Good source here! thanks!

  13. Are these all fake postings? I ordered from 1 week ago. They have just sent me a message that says…. We have shipped half of your products and my products will be arriving in LA – CALIFONIA on the 8th of August. That’s almost another 3 weeks. This company is not operating from inside the USA. I paid them in Bitcoin. So who knows when I will get the remaining order of any of it .. fed up with scams

  14. This was the first time I’ve ordered from these guys,and I will be ordering again,they replied to my emails quickly the product is top notch and priced well with great shipping

  15. It was my first time ordering from and not the last. I’d definitely recommend ordering from this source.

    Got it under a week nicely packaged

    Very good quality. Few weeks into my cycle now, using testosterone prop , nandrolone penyl , Winstrol Strenght is amazing, Ridiculous pumps, Gains are above what I expected and only few weeks in. The best gear I have used.

  16. have good reviews and importantly stock Kalpa gear. With their recent CHRISTMAS 25% off promo I looked in their catalogue for some oil to cruise on. I bought 5 vials of Nandroxyl meaning to use them to cruise on 1mL/week with 250mg nandrolone decanoate. I normally test my gear by GCMS to confirm what’s in it and was surprised with the results.

  17. Second order showed faster then the first order which was also quick! Amazing service no complications, no hiccups, no excuses. is Legit i’ve only heard great things about the quality of gear, but will leave a full review once on my next cycle. Based on his service im sure everything about is GTG. So thank you bro, and you will hear from me again in the near future.

  18. this is a solid domestic source= hands down one of the smoothest transactions ive ever made, he is definetly a good buisness man keeps in touch quick. i ordered 2 of the left over sciroxx test, he told me it would ship saturday and it didnt so he threw in an extra.. i still recieved in 5 days of order. i will definetly be using many times in the future.

  19. They’ve got products that say US domestic in 2 to 3 days it’s been 3 weeks. I can get name brand pharma grade in two to three weeks. I only went with this product because I was in a pinch now they are ignoring me and I have no idea if I will ever get my product.

  20. Ordered some Tren ace a few weeks ago and I’m loving it. This is my second time using Tren and I’m seeing much better results with this Kalpa’s gear. Crazy vascularity all day and strength has gone up noticeably while eating at maintenance. My only complaint would be that domestic shipping is a bit expensive but I don’t mind spending a bit more for quality gear.

    Packing was discreet and safely wrapped.

    Tren Ace 100

    I’ve been using for 5 weeks

  21. My experience with has been outstanding. I highly recommend this source.

    Communication was fast, he always replied within 24 hours. He accidentally sent me Tren E instead of Mast E, and quickly took accountability for this little mistake and sent me TWO vials of Masteron E. Doesn’t get any better than this stellar customer service.

    Pack was shipped quickly and wrapped tightly

    3x Test E

    2x Mast E

    1x Test P

    1x Anadrol

    I’ve been using Test E, Test P and Anadrol for the past 2 weeks. Already gained 15lbs and all my lifts have increased 20+ lbs. I am horny as fuck and want to fuck any woman young or old. No prejudice. Although I have been getting PIP and test flu, the PIP is probably from improper pinning technique as this is my 5th cycle. The anadrol is strong, I am bloated but I have incredible pumps and stamina in the gym. Kalpas products are dosed correctly, they feel strong because other sources underdose.

  22. I was very skeptical ordering from this shop. Kind of clueless as to who they are but they had a good deal going on and I had to investigate. !! Its my first experience ordering international and from this shop but i very happy

    From the very beginning this guys communication was very good. I ordered and he was responding within the hour every time, Only one weekend in the last month did he take longer than a day to get back to me but that is extremely rare for him

    My pack landed in less than 10 days, international. I thought it was going to be way longer. I had a tracking number next day. Impressive!!

    Kalpa test E


    3ml pins

    its a first with kalpa, smooth as could be

    Very personable, professional and friendly !

  23. After some excellent service, I thought it was neccessary to share with everyone the quality of this source. I placed an order of tren, primo, clen, pct.

    All products were exactly as shown on the website and arrived in perfect condition.

    Communication was fast, efficient and I never had one single problem

    Discreet packaging, very quick delivery time always within 2 days of confirmed order:





    Began running the primo and tren, every other day.

    Just gone past the half way stage and have really began to harden, body fat was originally around 11% now I’m at 9.6% with a gain of 2.4kg.

    Feel like I am progressing really nicely and strength has also began to slowly creep up.

    Would highly recommend this source, get communication and products are exact as shown on the site. Faultless!

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