find out the key to packing on pounds of shredded muscle

Find Out The Key To Packing On Pounds Of Shredded Muscle

Q: I’ve been using 8 Tridenosen H a day, with 3 Power and Speed, 200 grams of Protein and an hour of cardio a day and I’m getting super shredded! However, I’m also retaining a lot of my mass and getting much harder than when I did cardio before without the Tridenosen H and Power and Speed, why?

A: Congrats on getting so shredded using Tridenosen H and Power and Speed! Both these compounds are favorite amongst my readers, especially the TridenosenH! The reason you are staying “so full”, in terms of nitrogen is because both Tridenosen H and Power and Speed dramatically increase nitrogen retention through several pathways! Additionally, Tridenosen H suppresses what are called A-1 adenosine fat receptors. And, as the name implies, when these fat receptors are blocked, they can not “hold on”, or receive fat! And better still, since TridenosenH is pure cellular energy () it has the ability to give you plenty of energy for prolonged cardio workouts which will further the fan obliterating process! And, since you are smart enough to get plenty of Protein along with the TridenosenH and Power and Speed, is another reason you are staying for full, instead of soft and stringy, which high endurance workouts, along with low protein can cause! I would also suggest you add Mesobolin to this regimen because it will further “tighten you up” considering it is highly anabolic and really kicks in when used with TridenosenH!

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