a look at the effects of anabolic steroids on a female physique

A Look At The Effects Of Anabolic Steroids On A Female Physique

Great feminine body is a common goal for almost all women on earth. They try achieving it through cosmetics and other expensive ways. Some may do this without the knowledge of affordable and effective ways of hitting the converted mark through bodybuilding. Below are four main steps a woman can follow in order to achieve that great feminine body.

A good diet composing of high proteins, moderate carbohydrates, and low fat is the starting point for gaining that great body. Some time back, in the early 1980’s there was a major diet movement which consisted of many doctors and professionals advising people to consume a lot of carbohydrates and a low amount of fat to help fat loss. These diets consisted of taking lots of low fat pastas, cereals, vegetables and small amounts of meat, protein, and fat. Contrary to the expectations, American women in the 1980’s were the fattest that they had ever been with the obesity percentage being very high. This continued to rise even during the 1990’s.

So, what may have brought about the problem? A better answer is that the high-carbohydrate and low-fat diet just does not work. On the other hand the truth is, a high-protein and moderate-carbohydrate diet is the most effective for controlling weight problems. It also aids in controlling diabetes, and other heart diseases. For some reason many women do not eat an adequate amount of protein yet they venture in bodybuilding. This can really be very detrimental, especially to someone who is trying to lose weight because of the importance of protein.

Let it be known that amino acids and protein are the building blocks to the entire body, and a complete source of protein is necessary to help in burning excess calories and fat. Some cheap, good sources of protein include eggs, meat, poultry, fish, and cheese among many others. Where necessary you can also supplement your protein intake by taking a protein shake or bar.

Performing aerobic activity is also important to keeping a woman in good shape and achieving that physically fit body. This kind of activity helps with the cardiovascular system, keeping the lungs and heart in good condition. It helps a woman shed off those extra pounds and lower her dress size. There are many different types of cardio exercise that she can do, these include: walking, running, stair climbing, aerobic classes, swimming, and bicycling plus many more that I cannot mention. I personally recommend group classes, in that they can hold you accountable. Getting a workout partner is a good move. It’s obvious that there will be some days when you do not want to exercise and there too will be days that she doesn’t, but you can push each other, hold each other accountable and keep each other going.

Doing a well balanced weight routine on a regular basis can also be a good step for a lady hoping to get a great feminine body. There are many different theories on weight training but it is upon the lady to select which of them is practical. You can select whether you want to do a program that consists of lifting lightweight numerous repetitions or a heavy weight with less repetitions. Studies have shown though that if women are trying to increase muscle mass and gain strength at the same time, then a little heavier weight may be beneficial. At the same time if one is more interested in losing body fat while toning up, then she may want to go with the lighter weight repeating the set more times. This helps her to lose more body fat. Both methods can be beneficial and a mixture of the two would probably help the lady most. It is also recommended that you cycle your workouts. This can be done by trying something for 4-6 weeks and then try something new since you don’t want your workouts to become boring and drab. Be sure to lift weights at least three times weekly for a minimum of a half an hour each setting.

Studies have shown that ladies are inclined to taking supplements more than men. As a boost, there are many great supplements out there that are totally safe for women to take. Some recommended supplements for fat loss for women are Hydroxycut, Xenadrine, and BetaLean HP. These stimulant supplements will help her shed the fat off so quickly and safely. You may also try Creatine just for a change. Believe this or not it is great for females, and does not cause her to bulk up. It helps her to gain lean muscle mass by providing more ATP energy and aids in recovery process. If at all she is not getting her daily dosage of protein, she should not forget to stock up on shakes and bars. Women may also want to consider taking a multivitamin, glutamine and an antioxidant which can be helpful to their muscle recovery and health in general.

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