What’s The Best Drug To Combine With Equipoise?

Q:  What’s a good combination with equipoise cycle?  I just got some killer stuff, but that’s all I have and don’t know what to put with it. I do have slightly high blood pressure.

A: Winstrol is a great choice to pair with EQ and you’ll see some radical results in terms of strength gains and fat loss. Another couple of great choices are Turanabol or Primobolan Depot. I would also save this cycle for a kind of pre- pre-contest situation. That’s because EQ, while good in the off season or pre-contest, is a great way to come into a show full and packing a lot of muscle without too much water retention.

However, keep in mind with your high blood pressure, you’ll want to avoid D-bol with it, and will have to monitor yourself because EQ increases red blood cell production – possibly more than with other steroids.

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