winstrol tablets

Q:  Is $0.75 a pill a good price for Dragon Pharma Winnie 50mg tablets?  I say it’s average – at least for what I’ve been paying for gear. My buddy thinks I should just bend over and take it like a man because I’m getting a good “rodgering” from the price of these tabs anyhow!  What do you say?

A: I think it’s on the high side. But remember one thing:  Part of what you may be paying for is the comfort of knowing someone who is reliable and isn’t going to roll over on you.  The source you use is so important these days. So while some might pay $375 for 500 tabs of DP Win tabs, you might pay what you pay to ensure that you are safe. It’s the reason it’s called “black market” – it’s under ground and illegal. Peace of mind has become almost as important as the legitimacy of gear these days.

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