Steroid Q&A: Dostinex

Q: I’m going to take Dostinex in a .5 dose two times a week when I am doing my Tren. I heard it helps with sides of the AAS, like Anadrol and Tren. Any side effects to worry about?

A: Dostinex is a dopamine agonist, and is a serious drug. It is made in 2mg and 4mg pills and is used in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease. Did you get it on the street or do you have a relative that is taking this drug? This is a serious drug to have. It reminds me of the whole Nubain craze in the late 90’s and into this decade. People said injecting Nubain would stop the flood of cortisol from the stress of heavy training, and thereby pave the way for uninterrupted good gains. But the fact is, it is like having a hangnail and cutting it off with a chainsaw. It may have some use in that way, but it’s overkill. So is taking Dostinex. But lately, I’ve heard of many people considering taking Dostinex with their cycle or with their PCT drugs, like Aromasin, in the hope that it would protect them from gyno.

There is no research to prove this is a good plan, though users swear that they experience far fewer sides with Deca 300 and more androgen based drugs. I’d have to see studies that prove this, and I couldn’t find any. Just because something becomes the rage doesn’t mean that it is a safe thing to do. Messing with dopamine agonists can be addicting and can create imbalances in body and brain chemistry if you don’t need to take them. Dostinex also creates hallucinations, and if you are a rec. drug user on top of it, which a lot of bodybuilders are, you are headed for the emergency room. A lot of you are great with chemistry in a basic sense, and a strictly cycle sense, but don’t get a false confidence about what you are capable of understanding and using. Far more educated men than you have failed in their understanding of pharmacology.

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