Comparing DNP To ECA

Two weight-loss compounds used by bodybuilders, DNP and ECA sit on opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of effectiveness, risks, and popularity. The actual name for DNP is Dinitrophenol, and it is actually an industrial chemical (formerly used to blow things up!) that was discovered to have a profound effect upon fat-burning processes in the body. ECA, on the other hand, is a simple stack of Ephedrine (25 mg), Caffeine (200 mg) and Aspirin (250 mg). Together, these components lead to a small metabolic bump in the body. Let’s compare the two substances and see which one might be best for helping you to meet your bodybuilding fat loss goals.


If your goal is to increase the metabolism in order to speed up the fat-burning process in the body, the race is not even close. DNP can raise the metabolism by up to 50%. That’s right. You will be able to burn several hundred calories per day that you aren’t burning now. ECA leads to a comparatively paltry 3% bump in metabolism. In terms of sheer numbers, DNP delivers much greater results.

Side Effects

This is where the lopsidedness continues, on the other end of the spectrum. DNP raises your body temperature significantly. Users often see their sitting temperature rise from a standard 98.6 into the 100s or 101s within a few days of use. Profuse sweating, insomnia, and an odd output of yellow fluids from the body characterize the DNP side effects. There is no “off” switch or ceiling when it comes to metabolic increase, nor with the temperature. If you take enough DNP, you will cook your internal organs and cause brain damage. With ECA, aside from the fact you may have heart palpitations if double or triple the dosage is used, the risk of serious injury or death is far less. Overall, there is no contest when comparing the risks that arise with the use of each. ECA is far safer than DNP.


The three ingredients of the ECA stack ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin can be purchased at any drug store for less than 20 cents per dose. DNP is much harder to obtain, requiring a doctor’s signature or some shifty overseas purchasing, in order to get your hands upon it. For this reason, as well as many others, DNP is much less popular than ECA.

For the majority of bodybuilders, ECA will always be the best option. It’s not nearly as effective, but it is much safer. ECA is the most commonly used fat-loss supplement out there, and there is no denying its effectiveness based upon the sheer number of users who chooses it. There will always be unique sets of circumstances when DNP is the better choice. An elite professional bodybuilder who is behind on his show preparation and looking to win a $100,000 paycheck may be willing to take the risks associated with its use for quick fat loss. An amateur bodybuilder, competing only for a trophy and bragging right, should never opt for DNP.

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