Q: I’m getting ready to start a growth cycle, but my shoulder has been bothering me. Should I start or wait? I’m going to take Decabol, Testabol Enanthate and some Boldabol.

A: Nandrolone may help your shoulder situation, but I’d wait. Honestly, you could do an interim cycle with just Oxanabol or another light oral, and train light to assess whether you can actually train through this pain, and get to the other side, or whether you need to actually take a break.

You should know what you’re dealing with before endeavoring a big growth cycle. It’s really not worth spending all that money if you’re just going to be at half mast in terms of ability to lift. If your shoulder is also limiting your chest movements, then definitely take some time off, do a light interim cycle upon returning, to work through pain with a little support, and then do a cycle you were planning.

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