causes of anabolic steroid abuse

Establishing The Causes Of Anabolic Steroid Abuse

The use and abuse of steroids has been closely linked to the human need to have an increased performance level. This is obvious as each and everyone wants to be the better performer in whatever the engagement may be. This is due to the competitive spirit that has naturally engulfed the sporting fraternity ever since civilization became the norm of life. The tendency to use steroids begins as and experimentation in many people and soon the individual is blinded by the mere imagination that invincibility in various disciplines could soon become a reality. This is the motivation that spurs the novice on regardless of the fact that most people promise themselves that it will be only one pill or one injection and that’s it.

Sadly though, the urge to continue on these medications is quite ˜addictive if I may use this term in this context. One becomes sort of ˜lazy to train continuously when you have a secret at the back of your mind that you know can enable you to win an event quite easily. Trying to keep this secret is quite difficult and despite all the attempts to cloak it in a shroud of secrecy it always finds a way of getting out.

There is another category of persons that suffer from a condition that is known as dismorphia. In this condition, the individual can never seem to be contended with the physical attributes that he or she has at any moment in time. There is always the urge to become better. What has surprised researchers who have focused on this predicament is the fact that some of the people who exhibit such behavior may have some of the most amazing proportions and physiques. This applies for both ladies and men. For this people it is often a case of urgency to get into better shape and so on. Going to the gym for a spell of six months may not be the solution that these people want; it is quite slow progress yet they require almost instantaneous results. What is the best option available to them? You guessed right, steroids of course. These become their immediate course of action.

The very culture that is promoted in society contributes largely to the influencing of many people to take up the use of steroids. This is sometimes promoted by the urge to fit in. Bearing in mind that the use of steroids is legally outlawed then you will understand the gravity of the situation. The number of young people who are being caught up in this unfortunate cycle is getting out of hand despite the attempts by government to put a clamp on the production and supply of these substances.

Take for example a young fellow who has just landed his first package of steroids through the Internet or from the black market. Since the package is counterfeit in the first place and there is no one to confide in, what dosage will the young man take? He is quite unsure. The event that he overdoses himself becomes quite probable and this comes with fatal results.

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