curing muscle dysmorphia

A Psychological Approach To Curing Muscle Dysmorphia Among Steroid Users

One of the greatest and the most powerful source of compulsion to use steroids is muscle Dysmorphia. This is a condition where the victim perceives a distorted image of a certain aspect of his appearance. It is common to members of the same gender. In this case it can be predicted that women are more likely to suffer from this condition considering most societies judge women by their looks. The problem could be hinged on something as small as a pimple on the temple. This pimple literally takes over the life of the individual and all that is there to worry about is how the pimple will be dealt with. This is not to say that men cannot be equally obsessed with something to do with the way they appear to the extent of bringing their lives to a halt.

To men the desire to do more and more exercises is simply insatiable. And the desired results just seem not to be coming. On those moments, steroids can appear to them to be the saving grace. There is nothing much you can do in order to convince such a person against using steroids and other supplements such the protein-rich creatine if the really want to. Among the adolescent, there is of course the inborn trait of resisting everything until they have proven it themselves. The much you can do is try and block their access to these substances using all the possible avenues. Taking the person to a rehab may appear too radical a measure and may not succeed given the fact that the grounds for such a move may not sound compelling or justifiable enough. This is because this is a problem of the mind, but whose outward expression makes appear like a very ordinary argument.

The first thing that you should do as a parent is ensure that you communicate with your son or daughter about what you expect should be the way forward. First of all you need to take them through all the options that are in the offing and what their possible consequences are. Remember you must present evidence from credible sources. Otherwise your son will take your talk as just any other that you are so used to delivering. Your son may even raise the question of who between the two of you is more obsessed. As if to drive the point home he may claim that you need the first attention since you are obsessed with overprotection. He may be having a point but being a parent, you may not like it. Give him or her an opportunity to arrive at the most credible decision. Make it covertly clear that you being your chills, you would want to see him being the best that he can be. Use this as the reason for interest in his or her decision. Let the things which you have always thought are obvious not seem obvious any more. Dysmorphia is in the mind and it must be treated from the perspective of psychology.

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