As a kid growing up I was a great admirer of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, because they had very huge biceps. I used to dream that I would get such biceps when I grew up and this is what made be hit the gym immediately I was in my teen. I pumped those irons so hard that my heart almost stopped but eventually I was able to attain my dream. I don’t mean to brag but nowadays I am a lady killer thanks to my biceps and hard rock body. For you to increase your biceps by an inch each month you need to train as follows;

biceps exercises

1. Direct Biceps Exercises

What many bodybuilders fail to understand thanks to the myth of “no pain no gain”, is that sometimes less can actually be more. When you are working out your biceps do not engage most of your time on training the biceps specifically, therefore avoid doing a lot of sets and reps. Below is a simple routine which did miracles for me;

Standing-barbell curls

First do a thorough warm up of 20 reps before you get into the actual training sets as follows:

  • Set 1: 1 by 8 reps (at 50% of personal maximum)
  • Set 2: 1 by 8 reps (at 60% of personal maximum)
  • Set 3: 1 by 8 reps (at 70% of personal maximum)
  • Set 4: 1 by 8 reps (at 80% of personal maximum)

Seated-dumbbell curls

  • Set 1: 1 by 10 reps (at 60% of personal maximum)
  • Set 1: 1 by 10 reps (at 70% of personal maximum)
  • Set 1: 1 by 8 reps (at 80% of personal maximum)
  • Set 1: 1 by 8 reps (at 80% of personal maximum)

Preacher curls: 4 sets by 12 reps

2. Indirect biceps exercises

If there is an effective routine of training the biceps, it must be compound movements. In fact they are not an option but a necessity as far as increasing your biceps is concerned. Many bodybuilders focus on concentration curls thinking that they are going to yield greater results compared to compound movements but they are very misinformed. You need to develop a proper laid down pattern for you to be able to give to biceps and triceps proper time to recover and grow.

You can use the routine below;

  • Chin-ups: 3 sets by the 12 reps
  • Reverse-gripped Barbell Bent-over-rows: 4 sets by the 8 reps
  • Seated-cable pulley-rows: 4 sets by the 12 reps
  • Standing-dumbbell shrugs: 4 sets by the 12 reps

3. General muscle training routine

There are various muscle building routines which are guaranteed to make your biceps become bigger. These routines do not specifically target your biceps but they target the overall muscles in your body. They include such routines such as squats and dead lifts. This two training routines enhance the production of testosterone and other growth hormones by the body.

When you carefully follow out the three routines as explained in this article I guarantee you that you will be increasing your biceps by an inch each month.

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