muscle confusion principle

The Muscle Confusion Principle

In the 1980’s, body building gurus used a body building strategy that came to be known as the Muscle Confusion Strategy. This strategy was so common among the professional body builders, that the use of the strategy is still popular despite having proved counter productive over the years.

The technique advocated that body builders should not workout according to a rigid plan. Rather they should keep their muscles guessing what was coming next so as to prevent the body from adapting to the exercises and or workout regime. According to this theory, body builders who adopted a specific order of training usually platooned in one level when the body became used to the routine.

As such the 1980’s champion body builders could just step into the gym without even having a clue to what they will be doing that day and then taking up whatever they fancied. In this way, they kept doing very different exercises each time they hit the gym. Supposedly, that was the only way a body builder could prevent stagnation and fuel incredible muscle growth.

Unfortunately, such a strategy of training usually led the body builder into great disappointments and frustrations, and it’s no wonder that most body builders of this time ended up as totally dependant steroid users. When a body builder simply goes into a gym and does whatever exercises he or she feels like, the program looses focus and gains are marginalized. It is simply a way of not being accountable and thorough in the body building endeavor.

Body building that is intent on achieving incredible rates of muscle accumulation must be very conscious, thorough and comprehensive. Each activity used to stimulate muscle growth must be effectively and comprehensively done over some period of time. Actually body building success is centered around persistent muscle stimulation not one time off stunts. An approach that does not follow a strict guideline to enforce persistent and consistent training is therefore doomed to fail.

Ideal body building requires that a body builder to follow a scientifically and practically mapped out strategy that is specifically designed to lead to the desired objective. Progress results from having each and every activity in the workout being consistently applied and evaluated every single day. This persistent tracking of changes is what makes the results desired to be focused on because each day a body builder knows the point at which he or she is at, and also knows where he wants to get. Body building programs are essentially the planned route towards achieving the body building goal.

Planning is vital and very essential to success in body building. Therefore, the 80’s style of body building was based on a very wrong platform, that of the muscle confusion principle. It is not just in body building, but in most segments of life, where particular results are targeted for, rarely can one achieve without having a plan to guide him or her. This is even more true in body building where the body id required to react to stimuli so as to grow and develop muscles. How can you then know whether the exercises are useful having not planned for the results anyway?

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