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A Look At Anabolic Steroid Use And Your Muscle Metabolism

In the human body there exists a mechanism that regulates muscle metabolism which is of a more steroidal-hormonal nature. Steroids occur as anabolic and catabolic. Catabolic steroids are known for their muscle breaking properties, while anabolic steroids are the opposite; they are muscle building. In respect to the steroidal-hormonal mechanism, these two types of steroids behave much the same way. The mechanism triggers steroids to be introduced into the bowels of the body cells. In fact, when a person takes a dose of steroids, the steroids are then attached on a receptor which exists on the body cells membranes.

The metabolic mechanism then results in a type of receptor complex which is used in jump-starting the process of hormone introduction into the heart of a cell nucleus. From the nucleus, the introduced hormones are then generated in a way that is related to the mechanisms of genetics. In fact the protein production in the body takes place due to a case of genetic alteration occurring in the body. This specific effect is created by both artificial and natural steroids.

The proteins which the body has produced are seen in the light of an increase in the mass of the muscles. But the protein production is limited since it is a sporadic process. More amounts of proteins are reinvigorated once more hormones are introduced. Due to the fact that this chemical process can last for a very short period of time, a prompt is made to the hormones for them to begin the process of fixing their core bodies on cortical receptors in the body cells.

After some time, all of the receptor sites are then literally blocked completely by the introduced hormones. Just like in all of the mechanisms of nature, the human body then reacts in an equal fashion, in that as the individual increases the steroid dose, then it increases the cortisol receptors sites within the cell. This is a process aimed at instilling a balance within the systems of the body. At this stage the muscles of the bodybuilder reaches their peak since the body metabolism is perfectly okay.

Some unforeseen conditions start to manifest themselves on the bodybuilder if he/she decides to call it a day or take a break from bodybuilding. This is because of the reason that if the body is denied regular steroid amounts as the cortisol receptors increase in quantity, incidents of muscle loss will start occurring. This is the reason which is used to explain dependency on steroids, since a bodybuilder is unable to continue with normal training without them. Even the more experienced bodybuilders always grapple with the stark truth that maintenance of their huge frames is difficult without the usage of steroids.

This change in muscle metabolism which culminates in muscle loss can become a vast psychological torture, which has made advocacy against steroids to be so high. It is beneficial to have one’s body healthy and quite fit, rather than have it fit for a short time and then lose it all of a sudden.
He/she may take a resting EKG and ask you to consent to a stress electrocardiogram, as well.

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