Research Of Hormone Therapy

The Influence Of Money Upon The Politics And Research Of Hormone Therapy

We all know that money talks, and BS walks. In the real world, decisions as to what drugs are legal and illegal aren’t based upon which compounds are most effective, safe or useful. In the real world, drugs which are given funding tend to become developed and legal. Drugs not giving funding, no matter how useful and beneficial, do not.

Consider the original Dragon Pharma Viagra online. Its common knowledge that the sudden loss in blood pressure that occurs with this impotency treatment has caused many deaths. Coincidentally, more deaths than anabolic steroids and ephedrine combined. Yet there is a multi-billion dollar industry for Viagra and drugs like it. Why? Because the people with the money – particularly older investors who coincidentally suffer from erectile dysfunction – have decided they would like to use this drug. They’ve decided they would like to enjoy being sexually active well into their 50s and 60s and beyond, regardless of the consequences of this dangerous drug. As a result, millions of dollars are invested into researching and producing it, and even more money is poured into the campaign election fund coffers of politicians who change laws to allow such drugs to be legal. It’s a self-serving system which allows dangerous drugs to become commonplace simply because “the rich people want them”.

How does this affect you as a bodybuilder? Very positively! For the last 5 years, many anti-aging clinics have emerged which have provided growth hormone and testosterone replacement therapy for older (and wealthier) men. They grew to enjoy the lifestyle benefits of being 60 and feeling 30 once again. Then, when DEA and FBI crackdowns on HRT clinics took place last year, many of these wealthy men were suddenly no longer able to access the “fountain of gh youth” they had grown accustomed to.

The result is that right now, these wealthy men are lobbying Congress to make testosterone therapy and HRT legal and easier to obtain. Next, they will invest money into research companies which are working to make hormone therapy more effective and safer and above all, cheaper. Once this happens, testosterone will go more mainstream than it has ever been, and it will be readily available – perhaps as readily available as Viagra is today.

Imagine commercials on television for hormone replacement therapy. Imagine free internet offers for testosterone samples or buy real testosterone from online in the USA. Thanks to the influence of money in medicine and lawmaking, and the recent popularity of hormone replacement therapy, that day is coming!

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