steroid information

Steroid Information

Body builders and other athletes often use steroids to give them an edge. An athlete who gets caught using anabolic steroids runs career risks if he is caught. Although the illegal use of these substances attracts more attention than their legal uses, doctors sometimes do prescribe anabolic steroids for valid medical reasons. The illegal uses of these controlled substances gains far more press attention.

Medical Use for Anabolic Steroids

Anemia and Angiodema can sometimes be treated with this class of drug. (Angiodema is a genetic condition that results in swollen limbs, muscles and organs.) Prolonged illnesses cause a person to become weak and underweight. Health professionals may prescribe a course of anabolic steroids to help a patient return to his normal weight. A patient should follow the doctors and pharmacist’s instructions carefully when taking any medication.)

How Anabolic Steroids Work

The body uses testosterone to build muscle mass, regulate a person’s sex drive, and it affects bone density as well. Anabolic steroids are an synthetic testosterone. Taking steroids is not enough to increase muscle mass. This class of drugs works best when used in conjunction with an exercise regimen.

Risks of Anabolic Steroids

Steroid use can result in sterility and wild mood swings. Steroid abusers suffer from increased anger. These violent outbursts are referred to as roid rages. Female steroid users suffer from increased body facial hair and a deepening voices. Anabolic steroid abusers often become psychologically addictive to these drugs.
The psychological addiction component comes from the effects, rather than from an innate property of the drug. A bodybuilder who stops using steroids will find that his work out routines become less effective after he stops using the drugs. Steroid overdoses can result in cardiac arrest. Steroids also result suppress the body’s natural production of testosterone. They can result in wild mood swings, nose bleeds and headaches.

Pills or Needles

Synthetic testosterone may be bought in pill or injection form. If the steroids have been prescribed for a valid medial reason, a health care professional will choose the form that will work best for his patient. Anabolic steroids obtained on the black market vary widely in quality and concentration. Make sure you are purchasing your injectable steroids from a reputable source –

Non-Medical Risks

Anyone who uses them without a doctor’s prescription must break the law to obtain them in pill or injection form. United States law prevents a person convicted of a drug charge from obtaining public housing. Many companies also perform random drug testing on their employees. An individual who test positive for any drug may run the risk of losing his or her job. Professional athletes often face press coverage.

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