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Steroid Control Act – Did Congress Do You A Favor?

As we all know, it was nearly twenty years ago that Congress decried innocent steroid users nationwide by taking away their God-given rights to ingest as much Dianabol and inject as much testosterone Enanthate as humanly possible. Since the passage of the Steroid Control Act of 1990, there have only been two ways for bodybuilders to obtain steroids. The first is to convince a doctor you needed them, and receive a legitimate prescription. The second method is to obtain them illegally, either online or mail order from a domestic or overseas supplier, or from an acquaintance. This, of course, led to many cases of counterfeit drugs. Whereas steroids used to be easily obtainable for all, and available readily with assured purity, this was no longer the case. To this day, many bodybuilders are very upset about this fact.

Here’s an interesting thought. Maybe Congress did you a favor when they did that. How is that possible? Let’s examine one potential scenario. It’s 1992, 93, and 94 and steroids are still legal. NAFTA passes under President Bill Clinton, and suddenly Mexican steroids are flowing in at very low prices and in very high volume. Many more people begin using them, as the media starts talking about them more and more, and the internet arrives, showing millions of youths looking for ways to bulk up just how they can achieve the same results with drugs.

Use would skyrocket without a doubt. And with the use would be the common social effects we see when large chunks of the population use a drug. These include, overuse, misuse, and a general inability to follow drug use instructions. You would have tens of thousands of steroid users who, at age 16 or 18 or 20, would be dealing with destroyed HPTA function, liver disease, and a wealth of other maladies. What would these people do, despite the fact their own misuse had led to their ailments? They would sue. They would start lawsuit after lawsuit. Even if they lost, the amounts of revenue the steroid manufacturers would have to spend fighting such cases would result in them likely going out of business. This would mean that despite the drugs being legal, they would be impossible to obtain.

Today, if you have the financial means and shrewdness to obtain a steroid prescription, you are in very good shape. You know the product you are obtaining is secure. You work with a doctor to ensure your liver enzyme and other vital blood levels are normal. Additionally, the total number of users is low enough that you don’t have to worry about lawsuits putting the manufacturing firms out of business. And while we all like to proclaim our desire to live in a world without drug laws, the thought of every 13-year old in America popping Dianabol like candy at recess is a terrifying thought. Congress didn’t do competitive bodybuilders any favors by making steroids a controlled substance, but they didn’t ban them either, which means legitimate users can rest assured the product is pure and the drug manufacturing firms aren’t going anywhere.

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