boldaxyl 300

Boldaxyl 300

CHEMICAL NAME: Boldenone Undecylenate


FORM: Injectable


USES: This is a veterinary drug used to treat horses for muscle wasting or for rehab after an injury to regain muscle and get back into regular work. There is no partner drug in the human steroid world that is equivalent, therefore there are only veterinary specifications and doses recommended. It is used for great strength and size gains and the results are rapidly received.

THE GOOD NEWS: This is a great drug that gets you hard, round, and gives you appreciable size. It isn’t a testosterone, but it’s certainly a great middle of the road size builder that is great during pre-contest cycles (more in the earlier weeks to ensure size is retained). Good news is, it’s good for both men and women, typically. Aromatization is rare and so is bloat. Not known to be liver toxic. Increased libido.

THE BAD NEWS: Boldaxyl 300 drug can be difficult to obtain, and even more difficult to ensure that it’s the real McCoy. So many fakes have been made over the years, just make sure you keep up on current snafus in the marketplace by going online frequently to check out bottle types and labeling issues. Oil production in the skin can increase, which means you’re more prone to acne. Aggression is also possible. Increased libido (depending upon how you see it – is positive or negative)

RECOMMENDATIONS: Use this drug in the off season for women and off season and pre-contest for men. Dose should be about 400mg per week injecting 2x/ week for men, or a bit higher for shorter cycles. Strength builds rapidly from the beginning, so stay as low as you can at first and then go in hard and get out. Women should use about 100-150mg per week. It’s better to inject small amounts 2x/ week than to inject the 100-150mg in one shot.

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: A little water retention

FAKES: Tons. It’s always a gaff in labeling that gives it away. When EQ was really popular back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, it was knocked off every week, it seemed. Go online and check labels and read up before you buy.

EXPENSE RATING: Expensive – About $70 a bottle depending upon who sells it to you and how available it is. Men need at least 2 bottles for a cycle and women 1/2 to 1 bottle.

EFFECTIVENESS RATING: (Scale of 1-10) For it’s non-aromatizing effects, its tremendous ability to add strength and size, and for its relatively few side effects, it remains a 9 in our book!

LAST WORDS: You can always get your Boldaxyl 300 from online. Using it in the off season or pre-contest – either one – will produce killer results. It’s just such a great hardening agent, size keeper (when dieting) or mass builder (when eating tons of food).

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