non-anabolic steroid recovery aids

A Look At Non-Anabolic Steroid Recovery Aids

Anabolic steroids have a remarkable ability to help the athlete recover from a grueling workout. Millions of bodybuilders and powerlifters worldwide partake in their use each year for their role in recovery assistance. Athletes can train longer and harder, yet still recover faster, with the addition of AAS to their routine.

Despite these wonderful aspects of steroid use, sometimes they are just not a viable option in the routines of bodybuilders. Whether it is legal, financial, family, health, ethical, or career obstacles, some people make the decision they would like to attempt to advance to high level bodybuilding without steroids. They realize the road will be tougher and take longer, but they’re willing to accept that in order to avoid AAS use.

For those individuals, recovery becomes one of their key concerns. Bodybuilders who are “on” will very seldom worry about recovery. With all the protein and AAS assistance, recovery just happens for them. Natural bodybuilders don’t have this distinct advantage. Instead, they must employ other techniques to speed up recovery.

Increased rest should be the first move, and made immediately. Most people don’t get enough sleep. Bodybuilders, who tend to pack even more into their crowded weeks (such as weight training, cooking, eating, and completing cardio), find themselves with even less free time. And due to the increased demands they place upon the central nervous system (CNS) though hours of weight training, the need for addition sleep becomes even more apparent. Additionally, naps or short period of meditation time each day can be highly beneficial for assisting with recovery.

Massage therapy is also highly useful for bodybuilders without the anabolic advantage. If you can afford the services of a professional, it’s an excellent investment. Regular massages will break up lactic acid buildup in the muscles and lead to better blood flow to the muscle groups. If you cannot afford a professional, a massage from your spouse are acceptable. You can even massage some areas of yourself to increase blood flow and relieve soreness.

Supplements can also speed up recovery time when AAS isn’t an option. Glutamine is very useful for helping the muscles recover from high volume training. People who use glutamine also report they very rarely become sick. Additionally, protein powder should be an absolute must. Every three hours, the body should receive at least 30 grams of protein.

AAS are wonderful recovery aids, but you can recuperate through alternative means as well!

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