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Deciding On The Oxydrol Optimum Dosage

As much as the right dosage of Oxydrol by British Dragon do vary, the safe amount of the drug can be put to be within the domains of around 0.5 and even 0.8 mg as per each pound of weight in a single day. In essence, the dose corresponds to about 1 to 4 tablets or between 50 to 200 mg each day. Experts have warned athletes never to thinks of taking more than a dosage of four tablets in a single day.

For those individuals taking Oxydrol, and more so for theirs being the initial dose in their life, they should contemplate on taking around 50mg tablet while the daily dosage could be under increase to around 2 tablets; every morning one tablet as well as in the evening, and taken in line with ones meals immediately after a single week.

For those athletes who have their weight exceeding the 220 pounds mark, they could increase their daily dosage to be around 150 mg within the 3rd week. In this dosage, it must never be used for more than two or three weeks. For this regimen, the dosage must be reduced through discarding a tablet each week. The Oxydrol steroid do saturate fast its receptors, thus it must never be taken for more than six weeks.

The most dramatic build up of body mass that is observed immediately after its administration rapidly goes down. In the next stage, the drug can be increased in terms of dose, which in essence could be really risky within the wake of harmful effects, or even be able to move a bit up as to the domain of another product. The steroid Oxydrol after being taken for around 4 to 6 weeks aids one to comprehensively gain around 20 to 25 pounds. This is good and it should be an encouragement to the bodybuilder or athlete to refrain from Oxydrol usage.

Immediately after the intake of Oxydrol has reached its end, it is quite important to further the steroid intake through the use of another compound, since a more reduction of an individual’s body strength and mass is seen in the return, firmly, into its original initial shape. There has been no other androgenic/anabolic steroid which leads to the cause of such a quick and serious loss in body strength as well as body mass, such as is the effect of Oxydrol.

Many athletes have been widely advised and in their best interest to just move ahead with the usage of the injectable steroid Sustabol or even the testabol enanthate for a couple of weeks.

Many bodybuilders have usually been combining Oxydrol and Decabol or even Testosterone enanthate in the build up of their bodies’ mass and body strength. A far much more effective steroid combination, which also favored by most professionals, do consist of the Oxydrol steroid at the capacity of 50 to 100 mg in a day, Sustabol at 350 to 700 mg within a day and Trenabol at 200 mg in each and every week.

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