Trenbolone – The Most Confusing Steroid

The Trouble with Tren (Oh, it works!): But Do YOU Know Which is Which, What to Use and Why?

Tren can be confusing. Let’s just get that out on the table from the start. Exhibit one: The Moniker “TREN”. When someone says “Tren” they could, feasibly, be referring to at least 5 different compounds. They may or may not know that, but that is definitely true. Wait a second… You mean there’s more than one?

Absolutely. And this is where using the term “Tren” interchangeably is difficult. There really is no interchangeability to be had.

Here are the 5 different potential compounds/ origins encompassing Tren:

  1. Trenbolone Enanthate (Trenboxyl Enanthate, Trenolab-E 200, Trenbolone 200)
  2. Trenbolone Acetate (Ortrexyl, OralTren-Lab, Oral Tren)
  3. Trenbolone Acetate (Trenboxyl Acetate, Trenolab-A 100, Trenbolone 100)
  4. Trenbolone Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (also called Parabolan by many)
  5. Trenbolone Hexahydrobencylcarbonate (Trenboxyl Hexa, Trenolab-H 100, Parabolan)

People use the term Tren as if it is a single entity comprised of the same elements, when, in reality, one Tren is not actually equivalent to another. They may be chemically similar, or similar but take on different forms, but they are not the same. The biggest reason they differ, of course, is the ester attached to each. The weight of each ester determines the overall potency of each Trenbolone.

So what are the main differences between Trens? Well let’s go down the list and clarify…

1. Tren Enanthate – The esters in this Tren are very different from Tren Cyclo’ and Tren Hexa’ so it acts differently from the other trens. The esters in Tren Enanthate make it the second most potent. The number of carbon atoms in Enanthate are 7, and it is longer acting, and therefore less attractive to competitive athletes who are drug tested. This is one that can linger and linger.

2./ 3. Trenbolone Acetate – The number of carbon atoms in Acetate are two, but acetate is one of the most potent of Trens because of its esters. The carbon number makes it the lightest of all Trens, which means it’s faster acting and must be injected more often. However, if you don’t mind injecting often, it’s one of the most effective. If using Finaplix pellets, you’ll need a kit to convert it to Finajet and purify it. Acetate leaves your body quickly, so side effects are minimal and controllable.

4./ 5. Trenbolone Cyclohex’/ Trenbolone Hexahydro’ – These are exactly the same compounds. Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate is just another name for Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate. Both have 10 carbon atoms attached each, respectively, and extra oxygen atoms. This means they possess the heaviest esters. They are the longest acting and are often thought of as the most potent. In facat, both of these are as effective as Tren Acetate. (See “Parabolan”). But these are often the most difficult to obtain and have a longer half-life, so are less desirable from the standpoint of drug testing. The esters attached here often extend the activity of Trenbolone for more than 3-4 weeks, which is desirable from a training standpoint, but is undesirable from a predictability standpoint pertaining to drug testing.

Usually, the choice to use any Tren (form of Tren) is based on availability. Finaplix, of course, is the most readily available. It can be had in livestock and farm supply stores off the shelf. It comes in different doses and is used to increase the weight of beef cattle. But it is also the hardest to convert, as it requires a Fina conversion kit. You have to strip it of the by-products added to create a pelleted, time-released form of the drug. But working for a few drops of final product in a conversion kit, ends up making it much more affordable.

All Trenbolones work, there’s no doubt about it. But availability, the form it takes, and the length of the half-life, is what ultimately determines the choice for most bodybuilders.

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