how aromatase inhibitors affect your physique

How Aromatase Inhibitors Affect Your Physique

For years, bodybuilding gurus have been recommending the use of aromatase inhibitors (AIs) following a steroid cycle in order to prevent side effects such as massive water bloat and the most feared side effect to the competitive bodybuilder, gynecomastia. When the body is subjected to a steroid cycle, its testosterone levels are spiked in an unnatural way. This is terrific for building muscle and increasing strength, but it also has a negative side effect. Among the brain’s jobs is one task of keeping testosterone and estrogen levels at an acceptable ratio in the body. If the endocrine system detects a spike in testosterone levels, it will enter a panic mode and immediately order the production of higher levels of estrogen in order to keep an appropriate ratio in place. Additionally, AIs were very popular as cutting agents during this time period. They have a very positive effect upon burning body fat.

As long as you’re on the cycle, this isn’t a major problem. A balance is in order, and the side effects are minimal. However, once the cycle ends, the body enters a very rough stage. The testosterone levels of the body fall dramatically, of course, as there is no longer an artificial source present. Additionally, the body’s own ability to produce testosterone has been dampened, due to the pituitary gland ordering the testes to halt production, as it has been sensing elevated levels already. So essentially, the bodybuilder is producing less testosterone than when he began the cycle.

This is a significant drop-off, but it isn’t the biggest problem. The most destructive side effect takes place due to estrogen levels. Once there is no longer a powerful source of artificial testosterone in the body, T levels drop. Estrogen levels remain high – very high. This was combated in the past with the use of an aromatase inhibitor (AI) such as Arimidex or Femara to lower estrogen levels and to prevent gyno from occurring. However, recent research has shown significant – even life threatening levels – of cholesterol spikes as a result of using AIs as estrogen blockers at this point in your cycle. They’ve been wildly popular for years, and they are effective at halting the post-cycle estrogen spike. But researchers are discovering that medium to large doses of AIs can have highly negative effects upon the health. Even though the goal of every bodybuilder is to look good, the goal of every human being (staying alive) supersedes this desire.

The best alternative to using AIs is to opt for SERMs – read up on them. Nolvadex is an acceptable alternative. Its unique structure allows it to work with the liver to actually combat high cholesterol levels in the body. A single 20-mg tablet each day will usually suffice for this purpose. Do your research on this topic quite extensively. Many bodybuilders’ biggest regret is not handling their post-cycle therapy (PCT) correctly. Gyno surgery costs thousands of dollars, and dealing with high cholesterol can be devastating to bodybuilding goals as well as health. Be smart in how you advance with PCT compounds.

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