growth hormone importing and a look at better options

Growth Hormone Importing And A Look At Better Options

In recent years, purchasing steroids from overseas has become a total crapshoot. Before 2001, as most may remember, most anabolic steroids were obtainable despite their being controlled substances. They didn’t receive nearly the scrutiny that street drugs did during the “War on Drugs”, and even when actually seized, a buyer rarely had to worry about being arrested for his confiscated wares.

After 2001, and particularly after the great 2005 Mexican steroid bust, things have gotten extremely tight for buyers. First off, following the tragic events of 9/11 and the anthrax attacks, and the newfound government commitment to stopping illegal packages at our borders, security has tightened tremendously. Many more packages of powders are examined than used to be checked. The creation of the Department of Homeland Security has resulted in massive information databases to track overseas shippers of illegal goods, cross check them with buyers of various habits, and place a pen/trap warrant upon any suspected buyer without anything along the lines of probable cause.

Today, obtaining compounds, particularly growth hormone, is very risky business. A recent “civil war” of sorts among Chinese GH giants’ products Jintropin and Fitropin has resulted in a flurry of accusations of counterfeits on both sides, from both sides. Anything Mexican can be tracked very quickly. Other regions of the world, quickly being labeled high-risk, are being targeted by Customs as well.

All of these difficulties in purchasing make it very clear that there are two options which stand out above all others, provided they are available. First off, if you are able to secure GH or AAS from a doctor, then you should do so. The quality of the compounds will be absolutely guaranteed, you will be covered legally, and the cost will be very low. You’ll have health monitoring, and you’ll see results without many of the risks that others take. If that option isn’t available, then the other preferable option involves finding a local supplier whom you know and can trust. This might be a local gym owner or member, or someone you get to know from bodybuilding shows or powerlifting meets. Just as you would network your needs and abilities in the job hunt, you need to network in the world of anabolic steroids. It won’t take long for you and the right person to find one another. Understand that you will be paying more, as you are undertaking none of the risk, and they are taking all of the risk. However, you may find it worth it, as it beats the overseas option!

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