weightlifting injuriesIf you are one of those people who always ends up with a gym injury no matter how safe you play then this article will highlight a few factors which could be the cause of your dilemma. It is very common to get gym injuries especially since your training session is very intense and involves the use of very heavy weights. You cannot go around this rule because for you to be able to achieve muscle hypertrophy you need to train intensely and using very heavy weights. Proactive measures of preventing gym injuries are the best solution. A lot of bodybuilders have not been able to continue with this wonderful sport because of suffering from serious gym injuries.

The only you can be able to avoid gym injuries is by;

1. Using Proper Techniques When Training

It is very crucial for you as a bodybuilder to learn how to use proper techniques when training. This is because when you use improper techniques during training you will slow down your bodybuilding progress. The other reason why you need to ensure you use proper techniques when training is because not only will poor training techniques end up slowing your bodybuilding progress but they could also make you get serious gym injuries.

2. Warm Up

Some fitness gurus claim that warming up is going to slow down your bodybuilding progress because they promote catabolism. This is however not true, failure to warm up can cause you to quit bodybuilding because it increases your chance of getting gym injuries. Your warming sessions should last for 20-30 minutes so that they can become effective in helping you prevent gym injuries.
How does aerobic exercises help reduce injuries in the gym? When you do aerobic exercises your capillaries.

3. Never Train Outside Your Limits

The moment you do this you are only setting yourself up for getting gym injuries. Always remember that when you are training the most important competitor you have is yourself and therefore do not try and emulate another bodybuilders by trying to perform the same number of reps and sets. As a bodybuilder you need to know your training limits and never try to go beyond these limits otherwise you will suffer dire consequences.

4. Include Stretching Workouts In Your Training Regimen

If you have not done any stretching exercises then you should not perform any intense training. The main reason why bodybuilders tear up there muscles or get muscle cramps during a workout session is because they are not performing any stretching exercises. Thus the circulation of blood in there muscles is very limited.

5. Avoid Overtraining

Many bodybuilders have the habit of overtraining due to following a very old myth which suggests that ‘no pain no gain’. Therefore they train for ages in the gym thinking that they are achieving muscle progress when in the contrary they are only preparing themselves for a gym injury.

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