Anadroxyl – The Top Choice For Oral Steroids

If you are looking for an effective oral steroid for adding size and strength, Anadroxyl might be the one for you. First made available in the 1960s by a firm called Syntex, Anadrol was originally created for treatment of patients suffering from anemia. Anadroxyl was initially designated as a red blood cell count increaser, helping the blood produce more red blood cells. Scientists, well aware that increased red blood cell counts improved sports performance and muscle mass, began using Anadrol on bodybuilders and other athletes. The drug was then discontinued for several decades, as better anemia treatment compounds came on the scene. Only in the 1990s when the AIDS epidemic hit the scene did researchers realize that Anadroxyl was very effective in prolonging strength, vitality, and lifespan in those suffering from AIDS. As the drug was re-released for AIDS patients, bodybuilders were waiting as well, and immediately began using it again.

The positive side effects of Anadroxyl are aplenty. Bodyweight usually increases by 5 to 20 pounds in the first month of use. Strength on the main compound lifts particularly the bench and shoulder press are also observed in most users. Muscle mass increases while body fat is burned, a result of the boost in the metabolic rate that occurs when new muscle mass is present to burn calories.

The negative side effects of Anadroxyl are aplenty, as well. The toxic nature of the oral compound means the liver is taxed heavily. Gynecomastia occurs in some users. Water retention, acne outbreaks, and acceleration in male pattern baldness (if you were already destined to lose hair), and other common steroid side effects occur, and with a great deal of intensity. Remember, oral steroids are by far more toxic than injectables. Some smaller side effects reported by Anadroxyl users include headaches, nausea, joint soreness, and bloating.

Anadroxyl is great, but works even better when stacked. Cycled with Testosterone and Deca, you can add a great deal of muscle, but it’s very important to protect yourself as well. Always use milk thistle or other liver protection agents to ensure you are doing everything to protect your organs during Anadroxyl cycles. Have blood panels done, and monitor the spike in liver enzymes that occurs when using Anadroxyl. Remember that the elevated levels will drop once you halt usage. However, it’s also important to remember that long-term use without breaks can lead to liver tumors, which can turn cancerous. Always cycle on and off, particularly with strong orals like Anadroxyl, to ensure you make the most gains and maintain good health.

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