Women Injectable Steroids

Women & Injectable Steroids

Ladies, this article is all for you. You’ve been competing for a year or three, and you enjoy everything about it. Maybe you started in figure and worked your way into fitness as you learned the routines. Over time, you fell in love with the weights and have discovered a real interest in bodybuilding. You have great shape, you hold muscle well, and those around you with experience believe you will make a decent mark once you run a small cycle of steroids. So you’re finally starting to do your research before taking that initial plunge.

For women, one of the aspects of steroid use which sets is apart from other supplement and yes, even other drug use, is that many of the side effects are permanent. The keen eye of a bodybuilding steroid expert can notice a female steroid user even a decade after she halts all androgen use. The wise woman will be aware of the potential side effects of AAS use before she takes that first needle plunge, and prepare accordingly. Let’s examine some of these side effects.

The immediate side effects of heavy androgen use in women will be mostly hygienic. Acne and oily skin may arrive quickly. Greater hair growth on the body may be noticeable as well. Menstrual cycle may be disturbed, and increased aggression might be noticeable. Some of the longer-term side effects may not materialize until later, but will he tougher to halt once they do arrive. Clitoral enlargement may be unnoticeable until it is too late. An initial scratchy throat will turn into a lifetime of deeper voice with no notice at all. This process of virilization, or the taking on of male hormonal characteristics, arrives in women faster than many would suspect and is surprisingly permanent.

The best advice for women would be to go as far in figure and fitness competition as possible with the use of ephedrine and high-protein diets and heavy weight training before they engage in the ‘dark side’ of bodybuilding chemistry and start using steroids. Once they do take the plunge, a very small and simple cycle of genuine Dragon Pharma Winstrol or cheap Anavar by Dragon Pharma will lead to tremendous gains without the need to start injecting anything testosterone-based. Women should only use testosterone once they have fully accepted they are about to cross a threshold in which they may never return from – virilization.

This is not to say some women will not enjoy a positive experience from the use of anabolic steroids. Many women find the use of steroids to release the animal inside of them which has allowed them to be as aggressive and strong as they had always desired. The increased stamina, size, and strength can be very liberating to most women. Once the stigma of being a “muscle woman” passes, many women enjoy the new vitality. Others prefer smaller cycles with smaller side effects, both positive and negative. The use of pro-hormones may be another path that some women may want to consider before taking the plunge into AAS usage. Test the waters with small dose AAS use and decide what is best for you, ladies!

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