The Key Ingredients In Steroids

Since the synthesis of synthetic testosterone was discovered in early 20th Century, physicians continue to use it for many medical conditions. Today, anabolic steroids are used in stimulation of bone marrow growth, hypoplastic anemia therapy, leukemia, kidney failure or even aplastic anemia conditions. Some anaerobic steroids are used as synthetic proteins that selectively stimulate production of healthy blood cells.

Modern pediatric endocrinologists stimulate growth in children suffering from stunted growth conditions using anabolic steroids. Elsewhere, the anabolic steroid derivatives are used as stimulants to treat conditions of poor appetite and to generate or repair chronically wasted muscles especially in cancer and HIV /AIDS. Androgens, also steroid derivatives are used by physicians to induce male puberty development in cases where teenage boys are experiencing delayed growth. The androgen medications assist in increasing body height, mass and masculine feature development in boys.

Testosterone, the key ingredient of all anabolic steroids, is presently being used as a male contraceptive. Testosterone enanthate is a reversible, reliable and safe male contraceptive method which is currently growing in popularity, so you may consider to buy legit testosterone enanthate in USA online. But the most popular use of anabolic steroids remains as an aid in weight control and slimming efforts. Anabolic steroids help lean out body mass by amplifying body fat combustion. Further, uses include toning body composition, increasing body strength, reducing old age telltale signs, uplifting sexual performance, heightening insulin sensitivity and supplementing rare nutrition diet requirements.

Anabolic steroids have however become the single most abused drugs in the globe today where their beneficial features have been employed for non-medical and frequently improper purposes. Competitive athletes especially body builders and weight lifters to boost muscle development and strength. Women today over use steroids for cosmetic purposes with total disregard from the prominent side effects. A culture has developed promoting the use of anabolic steroids for purely non-medical purposes even after their being banned.

Today, steroids though controlled substances in the US obtainable only via clinical prescriptions are the most used drugs with total disregard to dosage, chemical constitution or suitability in the users. Simply put, this is abuse of anabolic steroids. Sportsmen and women in competitive fields like cricket, football, body building, weight lifting, cycling, field events, martial arts, baseball, wrestling or boxing, seek a competitive edge in their sports by misusing steroids. In these instances, anabolic steroids help amplify muscle gains in mass and energy, enable intensive training, speed recovery after injuries or even enhance performance.

This is despite tough regulatory measures and stiff penalties imposed by most government in the world and world sporting federations like the Olympics committee. Abuse of anabolic steroids is administered as oral pills, injectable solutions or skin patches. Most of these are readily available in the black market.

Numerous techniques are employed to minimize the side effects resultant from anabolic steroids abuse such as increasing cardiovascular exercises, taking of counter effective drugs, post cycle therapies to wean off the body from dependence on steroids before taking up the next cycle, diluting the doses ingested, among other measures. The key distinction between use and abuse of steroids is drawn by how they are obtained, whether legally or not, how they are administered, whether in proper dosage or not, and why they are used, for valid medical reasons or for ignorant selfish ambitions.

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