steroids effects

While more commonly found in males, both men and women have been known to take steroids with the hope of various intended physical steroids effects. The desired steroids effects are similar to those of the naturally occurring male hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. People generally take steroids because of typical steroids effects of building muscle mass. Read More →

women on steroids

Steroids are the major agents of functional change in the body. Steroids contain testosterone while women’s bodies don’t. Their reproductive system is bound to change because testosterone is a sex hormone. When the testosterone is synthetic this compounds the problem because the does not respond the same way to such steroids the way it does Read More →

bodybuilding steroids

Is it possible that consumption of steroids for muscle building would make you appear tough, strong and more macho? Then think again because there is a lot that you have yet to know about body building steroids. With bodybuilding on the top of the minds of people intending to initiate a revolution, most believe adopting Read More →