water based steroids

Q: I just got a package that included liquid Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate crystals dissolved in water) and it seems to be quite sludgy and difficult to inject. This leads me to worry that I might not get the exact dose each time I take a shot of it-which could be a disaster during the end Read More →


Q: Does Clenbuterol decrease or aid endurance? A: Does Clenbuterol decrease or aid in endurance? Well, that’s quite an interesting question because in some ways, people’s first response would be to say, “Are you nuts?” But I do see where you may be going with this. It is incorrect to say that Clen descreases endurance, Read More →


Primobolan is a unique drug with a small but very loyal following. Let’s learn more about its uses, while remaining aware of the fact it is NOT the standard mass-building steroid we encounter so often. Q: What form of Primobolan is available? A: You can use Primobolan in both oral and injectable format. It’s very Read More →

tri tren

Tri Tren is a stack of three popular Trenbolone esters which is very popular among hardcore bodybuilders. Let’s explore this unique drug by answering some of the most commonly asked questions regarding its use. Q: First off, what is Tri Tren? A: Tri Tren is a steroid manufactured by Dragon Pharma which delivers 50 mg Read More →