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Tips For Managing Your Steroid Cycle

With all of the steroid discussion you see on the web today, it seems that sometimes beginner steroid users can feel overwhelmed. They see these detailed lists of complex chemical names. They don’t know what compounds come in pill form, and which goes into a vial to be injected. They see words like cycles, stacking, and pyramiding, and they scratch their head.

If you’re an experienced steroid user, this article isn’t for you. You know how to build a cycle (and what a cycle is). You are familiar with stacking and may even have your own favorite combinations. And you are probably well-versed in the practice of pyramiding. At this point, you should probably grill up a steak and enjoy some accelerated protein synthesis that AAS provides. However, if you’re somewhat confused about the terminology involved, keep reading!

Being uninformed about steroid terms is nothing to be ashamed of. These topics aren’t taught in school, and are taboo for discussion in gyms. The internet is full of detailed steroid content, but making sense of it can be hard at times. Let’s address some of the most common definitions. These are the words upon which all other steroid literature is written.


A cycle is an outline of the schedule you will be using anabolic steroids. It can last 2 weeks, or 4 months. It can involve a single drug, or several kinds. It is a breakdown of the exact days (and/or weeks) that you will be taking each steroid. Users commonly refer to it as “running a cycle” or simply “cycling”. You will work to construct a cycle, and you will have a written list of what to take, and when.


Several cycles combine to deliver a stack. A stack is a combination of steroids that you take at the same time to gain greater results. Testosterone and Deca are both very useful drugs when taken independently. However, when they are taken at the same time, they create a synergistic effect, making the outcome of taking two more than what the individual outcomes would have been. Stacking steroids allows users to get more out of them, as well as cancel out some negative side effects. Testosterone is stacked with Deca to prevent an inability to achieve an erection, for example. The user doing the stacking enjoys the benefits of both steroids, and doesn’t have to deal with some of the side effects as a result.


When taking steroids, you never want to shock your body too much. Injecting artificial hormones can be a traumatic event for the central nervous system and organs. For this reason, and to garner the most possible positive effects while minimizing the negatives, most steroid users choose to pyramid their cycles. This involves starting on a small dose, then ramping up use to a sustained peak for several weeks. Then, as the end of the cycle nears, use of the drug is lessened gradually. Pyramiding allows for safe entry and exit from a steroid cycle.

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