Halotestex: Turning Normal Men Into Beast At The Gym!

Are you looking for a steroid to bring out the beast in you? I’m not referring to something that’ll give you a nice pump, a few veins, and a kick in the pants for your workout. Take some ECA is you’re just seeking something along those lines. I’m referring to Halotestex, or Halo.

Halo has two purposes. Many powerlifters take a single 10 mg pill prior to their workout. For an hour, it changes them from man into animal. We’re talking throwing around weights, yelling, nailing personal bests while cursing like a sailor – that kind of aggression. Halo makes for some great workouts. For decades, world-class powerlifters have used Halo (in untested events, of course) immediately prior to meets as well.

Halo is also useful for bodybuilders seeking to add more hardness and stay focused as the final weeks of a pre-contest diet pass. We all know that you feel like a zombie for that last month before the show. Food is boiled and bland. Cardio is long and endless. You can’t sleep at night, and you’re using 75% of your previous weight on all your lifts. You feel terrible. However, the addition of Halo to your stack will return you to normal, and perhaps better, in very short order! Halo causes no water retention – quite the opposite, actually. Halo will bring out muscularity and cuts, and increase your power at the same time.

It sounds like a perfect drug, right? Maybe we should use Halo year-round? Think again, junior. Halo is a highly toxic anabolic steroid. If you plan on using it all year, you might as well place an order for a new liver now. It’s just too toxic to be used in the long-term.

Dosing for workouts should be 10 mg prior to lifting, as mentioned. As the final days of pre-contest dieting arrive, adding a second 10 mg dose in the morning immediately after awakening is acceptable. If you’re a bigger athlete and you understand the threats to your health, you can take up to 40 mg per day, for 4 to 6 weeks, with little chance of long-term damage. As always, you should have a blood panel completed before taking Halo, and during, to ensure your liver enzyme levels are staying in the manageable range.

Halotestex can be detected in your urine for up to 5 days after use. This makes it not feasible to use on the day of a strength event. Rather, it could be the catalyst in your training for those weeks leading up to it, ending with a taper approximately 8-9 days out to be completely safe. If you’re competing in a higher level (state or national competition) there are metabolite tests which exist that can measure Halo use up to 8 weeks before testing. Use Halo as a kick in the pants for the serious athlete. It is never to be considered a tool that can be used year-round. Consider it the ‘dynamite’ in your tool chest. Very dangerous and powerful, but you can only use it once!

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